The Thyroid And Fertility: What You Need To Know

One of the most frustrating things for a fertility patient to hear is that they are clinically sub-fertile, but there is nothing wrong with their blood work – in other words, you’re perfectly healthy! But you’re not getting pregnant and we don’t know why. At Acubalance, we’re always striving to figure out the “why” – and since thyroid problems are extremely common and difficult to diagnose based on lab results, it’s a topic that often comes up with our fertility patients.

Special treat for patients today Two sets of doctor eyes

Today, October 1st, 2013, I have Dr. Kali MacIsaac joining on my initial consults.  This is a special treat for our patients as they are getting two sets of eyes looking into some of the reasons why they are not conceiving and what action steps can be taken to increase their chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.  Kali moved to Vancouver from Toronto to join Acubalance.  And she comes with lots of diagnostic "toys" to help us dig deeper into why you may be currently subfertile.

Reduce Childhood Allergies and Cavities With This Pacifier 'Cleaning' Method

Recently, I came across an interesting article with the following title: Pacifier Cleaning Practices and Risk of Allergy Development. Health authorities in the past have told Mums that cleaning their babe’s pacifier under running water or by boiling is the best way to avoid transferring harmful bacteria from her mouth to her little one (bacteria like Strep mutans, the one that causes cavities, in particular). This article challenges previous recommendations..

Why IVF is like being kicked in the balls for girls!

IVF patients often ask me if it is “normal” to feel sore and even tender to touch in the lower abdomen after egg retrieval and the days leading up to embryo transfer. 

There is a good reason for this soreness, which requires a little reproduction biology 101 to explain. During the first few weeks of fetus development, your baby's internal and external genital structures are the same, regardless of whether you are ultimately going to have a boy or a girl.   And then they divide and by week 16 become:

Plastic Nation

I’m Dr. Kali MacIsaac, Naturopathic Doctor in Vancouver, BC at Acubalance Wellness Centre. I have just relocated to Vancouver and will be taking patients at Acubalance starting in October, 2013. I look forward to sharing interesting articles and thoughts on natural medicine and the health topics that are close to my heart on this blog!

Co Q 10 to improve fertility egg quality and IVF support

Co Q 10 has been shown in animal studies to improve egg quality.  In a study done on mice, retired breeder mice (no  reproducing because of age)  were supplemented with Co Q10.  These mice were able to to produce offspring again (healthy offspring) like they had once done in their reproductive prime.

Increasing Fertility: CoQ10 and Female Egg Quality - YouTube

Are you full of crap? Not a good idea if you are trying to get pregnant!

Most of us who eat the North American diet may not be aware of how much crap we are eating. "Crap" is being defined here as junk food, processed foods, refined flours, trans fats, and added sugar. These foods can interfere with our fertility as well as increase our chances of certain cancers, Alzheimer, diabetes, depression and obesity. Basically, fast food and junk food listed above lead to inflammation and hormonal imbalances through insulin spikes and this can result in accelerated aging and premature degenerative diseases, including premature fertility decline.


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