Boosting Egg Quality with Chinese Herbs for IVF Success

Going through an IVF cycle is not something couples enjoy. It's financially draining, time consuming and emotionally difficult. Anything which can be added or tweaked to increase your chances of conceiving and decreasing the chances of having to go through this process a second time is extremely desirable. Chinese Herbs are one option to help improve pregnancy rates.  

What I Ate Wednesday: A Day On The Fertility Diet

I have seen several new patients over the past few weeks at Acubalance, who have come in with lots of detailed questions about the fertility diet. Which I think is amazing! I love working at our clinic, and one of the reasons is that our patients are extremely well educated when they walk in the door – having gone through our website and started to tweak their diet and lifestyle. Kudos, new patients!

Boosting Fertility One Berry At A Time

We are all looking for the magic bullet when it comes to our health. That one pill or "thing" we need to do which will magically fix everything. This search for the magic bullet is also present with my fertility patients. Although no magic bullet exists, there are things which can boost your chances of conceiving by supporting multiple areas of your health. Some taste better than others! Berry Season is here and I wanted to discuss the fertility boosting potential of these sweet tasting foods.

Which Lubricants Help You Conceive?

Many couples who are trying to conceive ask about sperm friendly lubricants. This is one case where they are all not created equal! Even the brands saying they are sperm friendly may be lacking key elements. Searching for the good ones can be a difficult task. 

A study published last year compared multiple different sperm friendly lubricant's to see which ones really are sperm friendly!  A few of the tested brands were:

Going Nuts for Fertility

I like to keep things as simple as possible.  This is especially true when I am working with patients trying to conceive.  An often overly confusing subject, which comes up with all my patients, is what they should be eating.  Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, mediterranean, flexitarian, ...   with so many choices its no wonder couples get easily confused.  


Resistance Training Improves Sexual Function in PCOS

Sexual function and quality of life scores are commonly diminished in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Several strategies employed at once including dietary and lifestyle changes, acupuncture, emotional work, and aerobic physical exercise have all been shown to have positive effects on the metabolic and hormonal profiles of women with PCOS. And although aerobic (cardiovascular) exercise programs have been well proven to benefit, Physical Resistance Training (PRT) may have even more significant benefits that haven’t been as well studied.


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