The Odds of Fertility, How To Put Them In Your Favor

When we look at the chances of conceiving the real numbers are quite discouraging. The average 20 year old couple trying to conceive naturally have a 25% chance per cycle of having a pregnancy. In our 30's it has dropped to about 15% and significantly more again in our 40's. Although these numbers are discouraging their are ways which improve the odds, no matter when you are trying to get pregnant.

Second IVF Successful with The Help of Acupuncture and Lifestyle Changes


Personally, I prefer to wait until my patient’s baby has been born before I share the story of their conception. It’s not so much superstition as much as, since we focus on the ‘Healthy Baby Approach’ and not just a pregnancy rate, I like to see the full cycle through before I share their story.


A Hopeful Beginning Continues

For woman suffering with polycystic ovarian syndrome, the road to parenthood can be a long and bumpy one. While that’s not always the case, PCOS having a complex and varied picture, some women struggle for years. This week I saw a ray of sunlight that renewed my belief that PCOS is not the death-knell of fertility.

Endometriosis - A Lifestyle Connection

Endometriosis is a condition effecting millions of women giving rise to painful periods, irregular menstrual bleeding, infertility as well as many other debilitating symptoms.  Treatment options are generally limited to pain medications, birth control pill or surgery which generally are not good options when trying to conceive.  

Recovering the Biological Clock with Light

It’s no secret that as we age, the reproductive potential of women decreases – the fertility cycle becomes more irregular the closer we get to menopause, in all female mammals including humans. Some new research is shedding light (literally) on how light-dark cycles (think the sun and moon phases in each 24-hour period) may be a major driver of these changes.

Staying Motivated With Your Fertility

We treat many couples going through the difficulties of infertility.  Most if not all are feeling frustrated and exhausted from this process.  I am extremely happy to be able to work with these couples offering solutions, clarification and stress reduction.  This is a unique skill set combined together for our patients here at Acubalance.  We are able to combine western medical treatments with Chinese Medicine along with Naturopathic therapies.

Your Body On A Single Energy Drink

You probably have never thought that energy drinks were the greatest health food on the planet. Most of us inherently know that any food or drink that’s neon-coloured is probably not on your naturopathic doctor’s top ten list. You may have heard that drinking way too many energy drinks can cause heart attacks or sudden cardiac death. But what you may not know is how bad even a single energy drink can be for you.


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