Top Three: The Most Common Women's Fertility Conditions I see in my Practice

Although I still see a general practice, there are conditions that tend to surface again and again in the clinic. That’s not to say there’s anything routine about it, though. Because I’m treating from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, each case is unique no matter the official diagnosis. Here’s my top three.

Your Fertility Project Manager

You are like a project manager for my fertility! You have been able to help translate what my Doctors have been saying and explain all my treatment options. After my visits with you I have a clear understanding of what is going on and what I need to do to move forward with my fertility.  

Endometriosis Treatment Options To Boost Fertility You May Not Know About

I see women struggling with endometriosis daily in my practice here in Vancouver. The symptoms vary from painful periods, excessively heavy bleeding, uncomfortable intercourse and a variety of other ailments. What most have in common is infertility. Endometriosis can cause infertility in up to 50% of those effected.  

6 Reasons To Think Twice About Hormonal Contraception

I’ve had a fair number of patients recently who, having completed their families, are considering taking the oral birth control pill to prevent future pregnancies or "regulate" their cycles. Yes, we’re predominantly a fertility clinic at Acubalance – but fertility, in my eyes, involves all aspects (those who wish to conceive, and those who don’t). I've written this article (rant?) for anyone who is currently using, or considering using, any synthetic hormone form of birth control (the pill, patch, ring, or injection).

How to Get The Most Out of Your First Visit

Whenever I see a new patient, I always ask them to bring in any recent blood work. As often as not, they don’t have the results, only their doctor’s diagnosis or assurances. Sometimes that’s enough, for example when she’s been seeing a fertility specialist, in which case I can be confident that the appropriate tests were ordered. However, there are many occasions when taking a closer look at your blood work and imagery can reveal a way forward.

The Fertility Stair Case - 1 Step At A Time

It's easy to be overwhelmed when looking at all the information about fertility. There is literally mountains of things which improve your fertility as well as mountains of things harming your fertility. Filtering and figuring out how to implement these changes is daunting to say the least. Many patients find it so overwhelming they are paralyzed from making any type of change just because the sheer enormity of it all.  

Improving Your Chances During a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) A Patients Story

Frozen Embryo Transfers are becoming more and more common these days, even more so in many clinics than fresh embryo transfers. As mentioned in a previous blog by Dr. Lorne Brown there are many reasons a frozen transfer can offer greater benefits over a fresh. The question now arises for many of our patients, what can you do to help prepare for a frozen embryo transfer?

How our gut affects our mind, mood, health and our future offspring.

We blog often about gut health, but after seeing this simple and well-illustrated video on the importance of gut health, I couldn’t resist, I wanted to share it. I have been advising my pregnant patients for years to support their gut during pregnancy in order to give their future child a better immune system and start to life. Now I have even more reasons to continue to suggest it.


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