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"Even though a human being is part of the whole, most human beings experience themselves, their thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest. This is what Einstein called “a kind of optical delusion of consciousness” in which most human beings live." (Einstein, 1950, from Siegel, 2010, p. 255)

When trying to get pregnant, does a fertility diet really matter?

“Will it really make a difference if I stop eating soy?“
“Really, not even just one cup a day of coffee? What if I do half-caf? What if I use creamer instead of milk?”
“I only smoke when I'm stressed.”

“My sister-in-law eats terribly and her husband drinks a ton and they get pregnant easily. Why do I have to quit everything fun?”


Why Is Infertility On The Rise? It's More Complex Than You Think!

The ability for couples to conceive has become harder and harder with each passing year. With infertility being so common few discuss why this has been happening. It's a serious health problem that has effected more than 1 in 6 couples.  We have developed complex and expensive solutions like IVF to help improve your chances of having a child but still have not found out WHY this has been happening?

Top 5 Mistakes Women With Endometriosis Commonly Make

Endometriosis has been diagnosed in approximately 12 million women in the United States alone and is one of the leading causes of infertility. It causes debilitating pain and decreases a woman's quality of life. Some of the most basic lifestyle changes can severely aggravate the symptoms associated with endometriosis. Are you making your symptoms worse without even knowing it?

My Top 3 Supplements for Fertility

Every time I see a new patient I recommend a handful of supplements. I’ve been doing this routinely for so long now that I have stopped thinking about the “why”. And that’s what I like so much about new patients; they ask the questions that remind me to remember why I recommend things. Here’s the Cole’s notes on why I recommend coenzyme Q10, vitamin D3 and Fish oils.


When you have tried to conceive for a year and you find that all of your hormone levels are normal; when you have an ultrasound, pelvic exam, blood work, pap and semen analysis; when you have tested for ovulation and timed your intercourse appropriately, and yet still have not fallen pregnant, that is unexplained infertility, and it is the most frustrating diagnosis of all. Most couples feel they have done everything right and cannot understand why their bodies are not co-operating. They feel betrayed, heart-broken, and alone.


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