Feeling overwhelmed; 5 Steps to reclaim your life and fertility Part 2

In part one I discussed how to recognize and identify the root cause(s) of feeling overwhelmed, including the 3 things that lead to feeling overwhelmed:


1. Schedule clutter (ie. Overcommitting yourself, not setting clear boundaries)

2. Mental/emotional clutter (holding onto emotions like resentment or frustration, and/or overstimulating yourself with emails, social media, apps and other technology)

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Blocked Tube - Success Story

I wanted to write a case study about a patient who has gone through the trauma of severe Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) during her fertility journey. If you have gone through PID you know the severe discomfort and possible impact it can have on your fertility. The good news is there was a silver lining in my patient’s story!

Top 5 Most Common Reasons for seeing an Acupuncturist

When I read recently that Acetaminophen, most commonly used in over the counter analgesics such as tylenol, is one of the leading causes of liver damage, I wondered if I’d misread the post. It turns out that I did not. The FDA in the US is currently reviewing ways to reduce the risk, such as changing label laws, dosages, and packaging, or removing certain products from the shelf altogether. Considering the inherent risks of even the most ubiquitous over-the-counter medicines, it may be time to reiterate the many reasons to try acupuncture. Here are my top 5.

What is a chemical pregnancy? Did I just have an early miscarriage or false positive?

Day 27: you see a faint positive on your home pregnancy test, but without warning your period comes 2 days later and you’re left wondering, “Was that a figment of my imagination? Was I even pregnant”.

Chemical pregnancies can often feel like mother nature’s cruel joke. A flash of pregnancy that’s gone before it feels like it even started.

So what is a chemical pregnancy? And is it a real pregnancy?

Ovulation Tracking

Ovulation tracking is the most common topic I cover during an initial intake with a new patient. If you’re trying to conceive, the timing of ovulation is of primary importance. Here are a few ways that you can track your cycle and use the signs in your body for information about your ovulation.


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