Fertility Burn Out - Top Signs to Watch Out For

Going through fertility issues can be one of the most stressful times of a person's life.  With our hectic schedules, most of my patients do have a level of chronic stress that they are dealing with.  This isn't a problem until it becomes overwhelming.  This often happens slowly without us knowing on a conscious level that we are losing the battle and heading towards fertility burn out.  

Tips Before Egg Freezing and How To Boost Your Fertility - A Podcast Interview

I recently had the pleasure of talking with a previous patient (Kristina Lao) about her experience going through an egg freezing cycle which she has posted to youtube.  So many women go through an egg-freezing cycle in silence, alone and unsure of what the experience will be like.  Kristina and her friend Raquelle Roodenburg have created a fantastic youtube channel called Bombshell Brunches 

Combining laser for fertility and Maya massage for egg quality

I recently chaired the 2021 Integrative Fertility Symposium where I was able to moderate multiple lectures and panels. One of the sponsors organized a lecture opportunity where I had the opportunity to interview over zoom Anne Marie Jensen to discuss how she is using low level laser therapy (LLLT) / photobiomodulation and laser acupuncture to help women conceive naturally and through IVF.


Anne Marie has been using laser therapy to help resolve scar tissue, optimize egg and sperm quality and uterine receptivity.



There is a common misconception that getting an egg fertilized is the true challenge when trying to conceive, however, the ability of a fertilized egg (embryo) to continue developing and implant is a much bigger issue. Embryo development is a hefty process that requires a high amount of energy. Only about a third of embryos survive to become a baby. The reason why most fertilized eggs struggle to become a successful pregnancy lies in the DNA.

How to get pregnant BETTER and FASTER


If you are reading this blog, then you are looking to conceive and likely have been TTC for months and years too.


I remember at one of the Integrative Fertility Symposiums I chaired there was a panel discussion on integrative fertility care and the benefits of preconception care. The panel was composed of reproductive endocrinologists (IVF docs), reproductive urologist, acupuncturists and naturopathic physicians.

Dr. Magarelli, who I have interviewed below, said the following that really stood out


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