What PCOS patients are missing when it comes to testing and treatments

I talk with Dr. Mark Perloe MD, IVF consultant and PCOS expert, about the missing diagnosis and natural treatment approaches for helping women with ovulatory disorders like PCOS regulate their cycles and get pregnant and carry to term.


Dr Perloe will also be sharing in his integrative Fertility Symposium lecture in May 2021 for health professionals how this metabolic disorder known as PCOS can cause poor egg quality, poor embryo quality and negatively impact uterine receptivity and what natural approaches can resolve these issues.


IVF Acupuncture: How many treatments to get success?

Acupuncture Dose - How many treatments to improve fertility & IVF success

A subject that emerges frequently when addressing optimum fertility using acupuncture as an adjunct therapy, is that of dose. How many treatments are necessary to improve fertility and IVF success rates is an essential question that has been the subject of scientific research. It is sensible to think that if acupuncture has a physiological effect it is likely to have a dose, and it is crucial to determine what that dose is.

Embryologist tips on Egg Sperm and Embryo quality

I got on a zoom call from my Acubalance Vancouver clinic to chat with Sophia Baseotto, embryologist, andrologist and IVF coach out of Australia to talk about embryo quality.

Sophia has a Bachelor of Science majoring in chemistry, biochemistry and biological chemistry with over two decades of experience across all areas of IVF and Fertility treatments.

How to Emotionally Get Through an IVF Cycle

I was treating a patient last week preparing for her first IVF cycle when she asked me, “How do people get through this?” This particular patient, who I will call Emma, suffered a devastating miscarriage earlier this year and was plagued with so much guilt about not being able to provide her 5 year old son with a sibling. Emma is definitely not alone in these feelings, struggling with infertility and proceeding with IVF is undoubtedly stressful. So I thought I would compile my responses I use to support my patients during this difficult time. 


Unexplained infertility, poor embryo development and miscarriages may be related to this.....

Up to 50% of couples diagnosed with unexplained infertility, poor embryo development and miscarriages may actually now be explainable with some new testing being offered. Even better, there are some natural and non-invasive approaches to reverse the issues too.

How To Boost Your Chances of Pregnancy While Doing an IUI

If you are looking for ways to help improve your chances of success while undergoing western fertility treatments you're not alone. Most studies focus on how to improve IVF (in vitro fertilization) cycles but little is mentioned on how to improve IUI cycles. Although there may be a lack of available information there are things which you can do to help boost your chances of a healthy pregnancy during an IUI cycle.  


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