New IVF Technology to Assess Your Egg Quality

This is an update to my blog I wrote on Dec 30, 2021 titled, How many eggs to freeze based on your age to assure success?

I had breifly mentioned how Olive was using new technology to assess egg quality. So, I sat down with Dr Jason Hitkari, from Olive Fertility Centre, in May 2022 to discuss the latest technology they are using to evealute egg quality for women going through egg Freezimg.

Your Endometriosis Treatment Plan

Whether for symptom/pain management or fertility, we see quite a few patients with endometriosis at Acubalance Wellness Centre. Endometriosis, the growth of tissue similar to that of the uterine lining on areas outside of the uterus, varies quite a bit in its presentation. There can be painful periods or painful ovulation, chronic pelvic pain, painful bowel movements or urination, fatigue, digestive issues, infertility, and more.


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