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The Happiness Bug

Oct 15, 2012

An elaborate study involving close to 5000 participants and conducted over a 20-year period confirms what we all know to be true: happiness is contagious. That is, if one given person is happy, their friends are more likely to be more happy, and not only that, but even their friends' friends' friends are more likely to feel happier too! The benefits seem to spread to up to three degrees in separation.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss - What Men Can Do!

Oct 11, 2012

Recurrent pregnancy loss is a horrible experience for a couple to go through. This is especially true when there is no "reason" as to why it is happening. Women have to go through many tests (i.e: hystersalpinograms [HSG], hysteroscopes, blood tests, biopsy...) but men generally have it easier, only having to give a semen sample and possibly a blood sample.

Your Weight and Egg Quality

Oct 05, 2012

Women undergoing fertility treatment are always looking for ways to improve their chances of success. In many, women weight loss could be that last influential key to a healthy pregnancy.

Home births shown to be just as safe as hospital births and may also reduce the risk of unnecessary interventions.

Sep 26, 2012

I read a great article from the University of Copenhagen that references a new Cochrane review on the benefits of establishing proper home births services in all countries.

An Exercise in Mindfulness

Sep 24, 2012

I noticed a difference over last week as I had started it with a Mindfulness Meditation Health and Happiness Retreat for two and a half days over the weekend.  Although it's an old practice, Mindfulness has been more recently studied for its high effectiveness in helping people feel more peaceful and calm in the face of emotional challenge, for example in dealing with repetitive thoughts and negative emotional reactions.  

Women are as Likely to Develop PTSD from Giving Birth as Soldiers are from Combat

Sep 17, 2012
30% of women experience some form of trauma from giving birth.

Collaborative perinatal care shortens hospital stays and reduces cesarean rates

Sep 12, 2012

CBC News recently posted a great article on a study that showed women who received collaborative care during their pregnancy had, on average, shorter hospital stays and less cesarean sections than women who received standard care.

Is Acupuncture Safe in Pregnancy?

Sep 11, 2012

This is such a common question. However, there is a lot of misguided information out there, particularly on the web. Though acupuncture is 100% safe in pregnancy, there is some misunderstanding even amongst our community about its safety. Traditionally acupuncture has been used throughout the entire pregnancy. However, this has not been well documented. Obstetrical acupuncture was mainly an oral tradition used amongst midwives.

Three Pieces of Advice for Labour

Sep 06, 2012
I have recently been to a Blessing Way Ceremony (for those wondering what that is - it's the granola version of a baby s

Could Dr. Google be guiding you down the wrong path?

Aug 26, 2012

Online fertility blogs and forums… the good, the bad and the counterproductive