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Male Factor Infertility - There is Hope !

Jan 17, 2014
If you have been told you have male factor infertility there is hope.  Even in some of the most difficult of cases you can make a change.  Male factor infertility is extremely common affecting 40-50% of couples going through fertility treatments.  
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Fertility Basics - Super Simple Suggestions

Jan 14, 2014

For those who have just started a search about fertility this is a great blog for you !   If you have been going through a fertility journey for some time now and already know many of the in's and out's about infertility, stop now as this is not a post for you !


Fertility is often a confusing and frustrating topic to research.  I wanted to boil down some of the most simple things to do which optimize your fertility.  

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Finding a Fertility Team

Jan 10, 2014

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" Helen Keller


I really find the above quote inspiring !  It has such an impact on everything we do if we apply it properly.  


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Why Bother With Organics?

Jan 09, 2014

I came across a video online this week that really puts into perspective the difference between conventionally and organically grown produce. First, watch the 2.5-minute video at the link below (created by a 3rd grader who wanted to try and sprout potatoes) and then come back here for a bit of info on the difference between organic and conventional produce.

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Making 2014 THE Year for You !

Jan 08, 2014
What can you do differently to make 2014 THE Year where it all comes together ? 
I don't believe in New Years resolution's.  What I DO believe in is reflection ! 
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Natural Medicine Postpartum Care for New Mamas

Jan 07, 2014

I was recently featured as a guest blogger on Modern Mama's website – and wanted to share the article I submitted with all of our Acubalance readers!

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Better Sleep With 6 Superfoods

Dec 10, 2013

Sleep is one of the most underrated aspects of our health. During sleep, our bodies are replenishing neurotransmitter and hormone levels, detoxifying, repairing tissues, consolidating memories and basically rejuvenating for the next day ahead. And diet, of course, has a huge impact on the quality of our sleep!

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Grab the Holidays by the Snow Balls ! Staying Healthy this Holiday Season !

Dec 10, 2013

If you are anything like me I find this time of year the most difficult to stick to my health plan.  Short days, wet cold weather and lots of holiday cheer (rum and eggnog !)  at get togethers offer numerous hiccups in a healthy lifestyle.  I love to indulge and really have to keep myself in check not over do it !

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Homebirth and other naughty words

Nov 29, 2013

No topic I ever discuss inflames stronger sentiments in two deeply polarized camps. After all, what could excite your passions more than the safety of your newborn?

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Why I Love Running Comprehensive Labs

Nov 28, 2013

I saw a patient today at Acubalance who has me really excited about the comprehensive lab testing we do here! I wanted to share this story to let you know why. Our hormone panel helped diagnose her with Hashimoto's disease, not the low thyroid condition or high estrogen condition her doctor had suggested.