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Laser-Acupuncture for Knee Pain can Help You Get More Spring into Your Step!

Mar 06, 2018

Believe it or not we are officially into the 3rd month of 2018 and just two weeks away from Spring! The freezing cold temperatures and snowy, icy weather are (hopefully) beginning to thaw and give way to a beautiful West Coast Spring.

Nausea in Pregnancy: The Barf Bag

Mar 02, 2018

It’s estimated that somewhere between 70-80% of women struggle with nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Most of the time, the symptoms are limited to the first trimester – and somewhere around 13 or 14 weeks it’ll start to lift. Unfortunately, a small percentage of women have prolonged symptoms that can last until delivery.

Wood Element: Tips for Renewal and Balance in Springtime

Mar 02, 2018

After the depth, introspection and hibernation of Winter, Spring is always a welcome sight. Here in Vancouver, we just had a late season snowfall that blanketed the entire city in a flurry that made me want to stay snuggled up in bed for just a bit longer. This week, however, we’ve had moments of blue sky peeking through the clouds.

Cold Laser “Significantly Superior” to Anti-inflammatory Medications for Achilles Tendonitis

Mar 01, 2018

In most cases, the term inflammation goes hand in hand with pain. Achilles tendonitis is no different. Achilles tendonitis, in short, is inflammation of the achilles tendon, which connects the calf muscle to the heel bone.

HEAL Documentary Summary notes from Dr Lorne Brown Acubalance

Feb 27, 2018

Acubalance Welncess Centre hosted the screening of the Heal Documentary in Vancouver, BC, on January 18, 2018, and it was incredibly well received by the full house.

You can order your own copy from the Heal website

Is This the Missing Ingredient In Your Fertility Care?

Feb 25, 2018

How many of these statements do you identify with?

“Why is it so easy for everyone else to have babies except for me?”

“It’s so hard whenever one of my friends announces that they are pregnant. I want to be happy for them, but I can’t help but feel resentful that it’s not my turn.”

“I feel broken.”

Laser and Acupuncture Soothe Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Feb 20, 2018

Inflammatory bowel disease is an umbrella term for an array of digestive complaints involving inflamed intestines such as irritable bowel syndrome, crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis. Symptoms of these conditions can range from mild to severe, and often involve excessive bowel movements, malnutrition, weight loss, fatigue, abdominal pain, and bloody stools.

Tired of Being Tired: 3 Quick Fatigue Fixes

Feb 20, 2018

I so rarely have a patient in my office who has great energy the first time we meet, it feels like I’ve met a unicorn when I do – are you sure you have great energy? I’ll ask. Does it last all day? Unfortunately, feeling bone-tired is the standard for most people.

Low Level Laser Therapy for Bell’s Palsy

Feb 14, 2018

Cranial Nerve VII might not mean much to you but I guarantee it’s actually one of your favorite and most used nerves. Cranial Nerve VII innervates the facial muscles and is responsible for smiling, frowning, blinking, chewing, and sensing taste. This facial nerve also supplies the tear ducts and the salivary glands. So what happens when this nerve is damaged?

Send Your Face Some Love This February: Facial Fridays Have Begun!

Feb 12, 2018

Acubalance is pleased to announce the addition of Facial Fridays! Christina Ceconni has opened her schedule to offer 90 minute facial acupuncture and low level light therapy (LLLT) treatments. What better way to end your week or start your weekend than with a truly restorative treatment that is relaxing, safe, natural, and effective?