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Behind the Curtain: Your Privacy and IVF

Jun 19, 2014

Of the hundreds of women I have treated who are undergoing IVF, I can count on one hand the number who

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The importance of gut health during pregnancy

Jun 18, 2014

We are only just starting to understand the role gut bacteria plays in our digestion, immune system, and general health. Recently, Dr. Kjersti Aagaard, published a new study on the role gut bacteria plays in pregnancy, and fetal health.

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New Studies: How Marijuana Affects Sperm Health

Jun 17, 2014

According to new research, marijuana might damage sperm in more than one way. Not only can marijuana affect the size, shape and quality of men’s sperm (those parameters they measure on a semen analysis), but it can also impact the way they swim.

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Tip Top Facts about Mens Fertility

Jun 10, 2014
There is lots of information about mens fertility and health but thought I would pass along some information about sperm health. Just some fun facts about men's fertility.

How long will sperm survive?

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Are Chemicals More Harmful To Your Children Than To You?

Jun 09, 2014

While doing your preconception work, changing your diet and taking your vitamins, it’s very important to cut down on the number of toxins you encounter on a daily basis to reduce the burden on your body’s detox systems. But once you have children, it may be even more important to take a look at what’s in the products you use in your home and on the skin of your loved ones.

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Free prenatal classes - education and empowerment

Jun 09, 2014

I just finished my second prenatal workshop in three weeks. It is such a pleasure being able to educate and empower women (and their partners) with tools to improve their pregnancy and birth. Some great questions were raised at yesterday's Natural Childbirth talk about foods and supplements to improve strength and stamina during the birthing process, how to protect the pelvic floor and how to improve breast milk supply.

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Functional Medicine: Revolution and Kuhnian paradigm shifts

May 29, 2014

Right now, in medicine, we are undergoing a paradigm shift.

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It All Starts With Why

May 27, 2014

I am truly floored by how often during a working day I find myself saying the following: "The symptoms you have are quite common. But just because something is common, doesn’t mean that it’s normal. Any time your body is showing you a symptom, it’s a marker of something going on at a deeper level."

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Do You Sometimes Feel like your Reproductive Endocrinologist is Speaking Ectropion?

May 15, 2014

As with many life experiences, the path of infertility is paved with specialized vocabulary and an alp