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Endometriosis: 21 Questions Closer To Diagnosis

Mar 05, 2022

March is endometriosis awareness month, and in the spirit of highlighting this disease process, I wanted to blog about something that may help those suffering with endo symptoms get a diagnosis (+ treatment) sooner.

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How Laser Acupuncture may help with IVF egg retrieval and Pregnancy

Feb 13, 2022

The physiological mechanism leads to improved blood circulation & lymphatic flow (resolve edema and swelling) and promote healing. Hopefully this leads to less need for narcotics and pain killers and a more receptive uterus.

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Success with IVF at Age 40 - A Case Study

Feb 08, 2022

Mary, now 40, is a patient of mine that finally got her first positive pregnancy test! Mary first came to us in 2020 after struggling to conceive naturally. She ended up needing fibroid surgery in the summer of 2020 and dove into her first IVF cycle shortly after that. She did weekly acupuncture and laser in addition to all of the diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations we had.

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How to support your endometrial microbiome if you don't have access to testing.

Feb 07, 2022

We’ve talked quite a bit about the endometrial microbiome.  This is a new area of research that is emerging and exciting for its possible role in implantation, unexplained infertility, and improving pregnancy rates.

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Valentine's Day

Feb 07, 2022

Let the one week countdown begin! 

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How much Vitamin D should you take? An update for 2022.

Feb 06, 2022

I get asked all the time how much vitamin D you should be taking. If you’re not supplementing with vitamin D already, let me first convince you that you probably should be. But how to know how much to take? I’ll clear that up too. Let’s get stuck into it.

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Navigating 2022 Year of the Water Tiger: Opportunities Obstacles and Spiritual Doorways

Feb 04, 2022

Are you curious what the Year of the Water Tiger holds for you in the terms of relationships, health, and wealth? I invited Feng Shui expert and 5 element expert, Marlyna Los, to share her 2022 forecast for the Chinese New year.


A closer look at the link between sperm health and miscarriages

Feb 03, 2022


From the beginning of time, I feel that women have borne the burden and blame of miscarriages. New research, however, is finally shedding light on the important role of sperm in leading to a healthy pregnancy, and conversely, miscarriage.  

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Men Have Hormones Too

Feb 03, 2022

When talking about hormonal imbalances we often gravitate to women's health but hormones play a just as an important role in men's lives as well. Hormone imbalance in men can negatively impact almost every aspect of your health.

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How Chinese herbs may improve IVF implantation and prevent miscarriages

Jan 28, 2022

The puslished random controlled trial, Effects of the Zishen Yutai Pill (Chinese herbal formula) Compared With Placebo on Live Births Among Women in a Fresh Embryo Transfer Cycle, concluded that "the Zishen Yutai Pill increased the rate of live birth after fresh embryo transfer compared with placebo."