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Endometrial microbiome and implantation

Feb 16, 2021

Yes, that’s right your endometrium has its own microbiome! And it may have an influence on implantation. 


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What Men Need to Do Before IVF

Feb 09, 2021

Dr Paul Turek, a reproductive urologist, discussing Back to Basics: Why Treat Male Infertility Before Using Assisted Reproduction

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“Should my husband be coming in, too?”

Feb 08, 2021

This is a question I get often in the clinic from my female fertility patients. The short answer is yes, acupuncture is great for everyone, especially when it comes to fertility. There’s always something that can be improved upon to boost fertility, such as increasing circulation to reproductive organs, balancing hormones, reducing stress, or reducing inflammation. 

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What PCOS patients are missing when it comes to testing and treatments

Feb 08, 2021

I talk with Dr. Mark Perloe MD, IVF consultant and PCOS expert, about the missing diagnosis and natural treatment approaches for helping women with ovulatory disorders like PCOS regulate their cycles and get pregnant and carry to term.


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Embryologist tips on Egg Sperm and Embryo quality

Jan 04, 2021

I got on a zoom call from my Acubalance Vancouver clinic to chat with Sophia Baseotto, embryologist, andrologist and IVF coach out of Australia to talk about embryo quality.

Sophia has a Bachelor of Science majoring in chemistry, biochemistry and biological chemistry with over two decades of experience across all areas of IVF and Fertility treatments.

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Are Irregular Periods a Sign of Something More Sinister?

Jan 04, 2021

As someone that has had irregular menstrual cycles for most of her life, I never thought it was anything too serious - and that’s mostly because my doctors would brush it off whenever I mentioned it. I mean it still came eventually so it can’t be too much of an issue, right?


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FDA-Cleared for Acne, Wrinkles & Pain. Inspired by Light, Proven by Science

Jan 03, 2021

Celluma Light Therapy improves cellular performance to reduce the signs of ageing, relieve pain, and eliminate acne naturally in a non-toxic, non-invasive manner.


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Avoid these things if you are trying to get pregnant

Dec 14, 2020

What Toxins Affect Your Fertility Video Series

The research is clear that metals and chemicals in the air, water, food, and lifestyle choices are damaging fertility. These are causing people to suffer possible anovulation, impaired implantation, and loss of fetal viability, decreasing sperm count and function.

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Acubalance is Supporting a Great Cause!

Dec 07, 2020

You know how sometimes you accidentally do a good deed without even realizing it? For example, holding the door a little longer after you pass through, or even just smiling at a stranger in public? Well, if you’ve seen me at Acubalance in the past month, you have supported a charitable organization, all while napping under the heat lamps, and listening to the waves. 


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Tips to get your Digestion through the Holiday Season

Nov 22, 2020

The holiday season is just around the corner, and this usually means enjoying a few more of the inflammatory foods (hello eggnog!). If you’re planning on indulging in more of your food sensitivities, this can sometimes mean a more inflamed gut.