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Addictions Acupuncture

Jun 22, 2018

One of the things Acupuncture has a good reputation with is Addictions. It can be helpful for smoking cessation, for example, but can also give excellent relief to folks battling more severe additions, such as polydrug users struggling to function in their daily lives.

"Grow Eggies Grow!" Finding Empowerment in your Fertility Story

Jun 19, 2018

The power went down in Acubalance last week. Which on its own makes for a less than ideal day at the clinic, but what accompanied the power outage was an alarm in the waiting room that beeped every 7 seconds at an irritating pitch and tone.

Laser Therapy in the Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases

Jun 17, 2018

The diagnosis of an autoimmune disease is undoubtedly a life-changing one. But it is also a confusing one that can leave people with more questions rather than answers. Autoimmunity occurs when the body mistakes the its own cells for dangerous, foreign cells causing a hyperactive immune system. It can lead to a variety of uncomfortable, painful, and even life threatening symptoms.

Choke out Bad Bacteria (with Sunchokes!)

Jun 11, 2018

The sunchokes in my garden are just about to be harvested and it’s gotten me dreaming about this nutty, delicious tuber that I’ll be munching on next week.

3 Changes You Can Do To Improve Fertility Using Diet

Jun 07, 2018

For the majority of my patients' diet plays a big role in their success. What we eat on a day to day basis plays a massive role in our overall health. The old saying "we are what we eat" is one that I do believe. If we eat food low in nutrients, high in calories and toxins then our body isn't able to perform as it wants. If we are eating foods that support our bodies needs it will be able to function optimally.

Struggling with Inflammation? Try Photobiomodulation.

Jun 06, 2018

Would you believe me if I said inflammation is a natural, beneficial, and crucial part of the healing process? It’s the body’s natural defense mechanism against molecular invaders, wounds, damage to tissue, and other physical stresses to the body. The problem is when it becomes chronic.

Low Level Laser Therapy (Photobiomodulation), an Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain

May 29, 2018

According to a 2012 National Health Interview Survey, 25.3 million people, or 11% of the American population, suffer from chronic pain. It’s a disorder that can affect nearly every aspect of life, and is the number one reason for disability.

Fire Element: Ignite Your Curiosity in Summertime

May 29, 2018

As our days here in the Pacific Northwest grow progressively longer and warmer, the heat and energy of Summer will be reaching its apex which allows the fruits and buds of Spring to mature for the harvest in Autumn. There is a beautiful snapshot in time between the rapid growth of Spring and the winding down of Autumn that is embodied by Summer. This is when the world seems to take a pause.

A Love Letter to Expecting Moms

May 25, 2018

Dear One,

The Miracle is you! And Chinese medicine and naturopathy help you keep the miracle alive.

May 24, 2018


       A healthy body heals.