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Can stress impact your menstrual cycle?

Apr 06, 2020

Understandably, stress may have been a little high over the last few weeks. If you’ve noticed a change to your menstrual cycle - longer cycle, more PMS, acne, etc., this is not too surprising because stress can have a direct impact on your reproductive hormones.

Stress & Your Cycle

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Self Care Support for Social Distancing and Self-Isolation

Apr 05, 2020

The Acubalance docs are here for you, bringing you tips to stay healthy during social distancing and self-isolation.
The current global health crisis has created an unusual social situation, that of social distancing and self-isolation, that has far-reaching implications for our health. Beyond the risk of contracting Covid-19 or caring for family members affected by illness, the mental health effects of social-isolation will eventually be felt by all of us.

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Moving Forward with Tele-health

Apr 04, 2020

When most people think about Acupuncture, what comes to mind is the physical, hands-on treatment you’re used to receiving from your practitioner. However, as many may not realize, Traditional Chinese Medicine has three main pillars: acupuncture, herbal medicine, and diagnosis. So, as it turns out, TCM is more than just needles! Current physical distancing measures, unfortunately, remove the hands-on portion of the treatment, but as all my patients know, there is more to your acupuncture session than just acupuncture, and starting this week, we’re setting out to prove it!

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4 Natural Ways To Treat Endometriosis

Apr 02, 2020

A few years ago I wrote a blog describing 5 fantastic ways to treat endometriosis. I wanted to take some time to revisit this blog post and create 4 Natural Ways To Treat Endometriosis. I will update this blog with more information and a few clinical experiences that I have gained since first writing that blog post.

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And Now for Something Completely Different

Mar 28, 2020

Opening my google browser I am struck repeatedly by one question: isn’t there anything else going on? And the answer is actually no, there isn’t. The main thing encroaching on everyone’s mind right now is, well, you know. The thing. But today during my morning jog, giving precisely 2 meters berth to all other people, it occurred to me that my curiosity about the world is still alive and well. Here are some of the things I’ve been thinking about while not thinking about that other thing.

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Nutritional Tips while social distancing

Mar 27, 2020

If there’s ever been a time to focus on nutrition, it’s now. There’s no denying the good, nutrient-dense food is foundational for healing, prevention, energy, and overall health. Social distancing shouldn't get in the way of eating well.

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What You Can Do In Between Acupuncture Treatments To Boost Fertility

Mar 26, 2020

For a variety of reasons - financial constraints, schedule conflicts, or a worldwide pandemic that has shut everything down - some patients aren’t able to come in the once or twice weekly recommended dosage of acupuncture treatments.

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Have Faith Not Fear During These Unsettled Times

Mar 26, 2020
In the past few months we have faced something few of us would have ever imagined possible. It's straight out of a hollywood film like Contagion or Outbreak. When talking to patients I can hear the fear in their voices. I can see the feeling of unease when waving to my neighbors. We have a feeling of fear around our health, our finances, a general sense of lack of control, even a fear of running out of toilet paper!
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March 23 Update

Mar 23, 2020


Many patients have asked about stocking up on supplements to last for the next 1 to 2 months since it is likely we will need to continue to suspend all in-clinic consults, IVs, acupuncture, laser and Maya Massage sessions for all of April as a minimum.   


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March 14th Acubalance is open this week during Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak

Mar 14, 2020

Remember, we are NOT equipped to screen or test for COVID-19 at our clinic. If you have any infectious symptoms (cough, cold, runny nose, sore throat, gastrointestinal symptoms, fever, chills) we would ask that you do NOT come into the clinic to reduce the risk of exposure to others.