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What Are 4 Early Signs Of Pregnancy?

Jul 19, 2018

Have you been searching for the signs of early pregnancy? The magic symptom that will tell you for sure if your pregnant or not? Most if not all of my fertility patients are. The hard part is that there are no perfect, definitive symptoms which can 100% guarantee that you are pregnant. Besides doing a home pregnancy test or better yet a blood test with your doctor the symptoms of pregnancy are often similar to that of PMS.

Guide to Sugar #2: Sugar and your Hormones

Jul 17, 2018

It’s safe to say the docs here at Acubalance are pretty obsessed with hormones. The endocrine system (all of the glands in the body that produce hormones) is crucial for a plethora of functions in the body including metabolism, growth and development, fertility and sexual function, sleep, mood and emotions, respiration, digestion, and more.

When To Use Micronutrient IVs To Optimize Your Fertility

Jul 17, 2018

With patients who are new to micronutrient IVs, especially those who are trying to conceive, I am often asked how frequently, and when is the best time to receive nutritional IVs to optimize fertility.

Between Meghan Markle & The Grandmothers of Instagram: Welcome to the Changing Face of Health, Beauty, and Aging

Jul 16, 2018

Two media stories caught my attention recently that brought me hope we might be seeing a shift towards healthier attitudes regarding aging, beauty, and the value we see in ourselves and each other. 

A Guide to Sugar #1: Why Quit Sugar?

Jul 10, 2018

If you told me over a year ago I would quit eating sugar I would have laughed. What a joke. I was a full fledged sugar addict. Not a day would go by without some sort of chocolate bar, ice cream, gummy candy, or sugary drink. But with years of nutritional education and knowledge of holistic health, it was time that I practiced what I preached. In May of 2017 I decided to give up all processed and added sugar cold turkey.

Do YOU Know What's In Your Birth Control?

Jul 10, 2018

Ladies, let’s get real for a minute.

I am curious about how many of us are on hormonal birth control. If you are on birth control, do you know what is in that pill you take every morning and what it is doing once it hits your bloodstream?

A Recipe for Cool

Jul 06, 2018

Sometimes during a treatment, a patient will ask me what a particular point does. This is a tricky question, because typically we use acupuncture points not for their individual properties, but as a prescription. I usually explain that they work together as a whole. The same can be said of the herbs (which are rarely prescribed in isolation but rather in formulas), and also foods.

This 1 Food Decreases A Couples Time To Pregnancy and Has An Added Benefit

Jul 06, 2018
It sounds obvious to some degree that couples who have more sex will also get pregnant more frequently. Unfortunately in my practice I see many couples who find it to be more like work than pleasure when it comes to the topic of sex. It's not uncommon for me to see couples only having sex during the short fertile window each month. Many different factors will effect both women and men's libido.

Presto Pesto: Health Benefits of Basil and an Easy Recipe!

Jul 03, 2018

Is there anything more summery than fresh pesto? Our garden is gifting us with handfuls upon handfuls of this beautiful herb and it is now the magical fairy dust that gets sprinkled on everything. Of course, this means, I have to throw on my nerd cape and glasses and dig a little deeper under the surface. I’m happy to report that not only is basil super yummy, it is super good for you as well!

The Legalization of Marijuana in Canada, How Will This Effect Our Fertility?

Jun 25, 2018

With the Canadian government announcing this week the legalization of Marijuana I wanted to touch upon the health implications this could have. There are many incorrect assumptions which go along with something becoming legal and the idea of it now being healthy. Marijuana, although in the process of being no longer illegal is still not healthy.