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Bruce Lipton: Rewrite Your MIND It Takes 15 Minutes

Jul 14, 2019

Dr Bruce Lipton in this short video shares how you can create your reality by rewiring your subconscious mind using Belief Change Modalities (energy psychology). Transcripts below. I also included below a 2-minute video clip below from an interview I did with Dr. Bruce Lipton. In this clip he talks about using acupuncture to access consciousness.

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Are you making wellbeing a priority? An interview with Tanya Chernova

Jul 08, 2019

If you truly want joy in your life and to experience peace of mind then it is time to set vitality as your primary goal. The paradigm is shifting from health being defined as absence of disease to vitality. How often have your lab tests been normal but yet you expeeince fatigue, anxiety/depression, pain and digestive or hormonal issues. To have vitality you need to shift from a disease model to a well-being model.

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Do I have normal poops?

Jul 07, 2019

Our digestive system is one of the core pillars of health. Its job is to break down and transform food to provide energy for cellular function. If our digestive system is not working well, this can lead to poor breakdown of food and poor absorption of nutrients. This may feel like bloating, gas, or abdominal discomfort. Overtime, poor digestive function may lead to brain fog, fatigue, congested skin and aches or pains. Why?

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Is Therapy Facing a Revolution by Peta Stapleton Phd from TEDxRobina

Jul 05, 2019

Dr Peta Stapleton shares how therapy is going through a revolution. It is so great that EFT and other energy psychology techniques are going more mainstream and have evidence to support their effectiveness. Enjoy the vide below.

I use EFT, one of many energy psychology techniques (belief change modalities), in my clinical practice for feeling stressed, depressed, anxious and 'stuck' as well as for food cravings and weight loss.

What is energy psychology?

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Jul 04, 2019

The CDC states that almost 1 out of every 3 people in the United States will develop shingles (herpes zoster), at some point in their lifetime. There is an estimated 1 million cases of shingles per year in the US alone, and about 10-13% of people will develop a painful condition called Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN). People with PHN develop severe pain along the areas where they had the shingles breakout.

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Energy Psychology for weight loss and keeping it off

Jun 22, 2019

Using EFT, another one of the energy psychology techniques I use in my clinical practice, for food cravings and weight loss. Below I have shared Dr. Peta Stapleton's EFT research video and transcripts.

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EFT for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and Anxiety

Jun 22, 2019

Using EFT, another one of the energy psychology techniques I use in my clinical practice, for feeling stressed, depressed, and anxious.

I combine EFT with diet, lifestyle, acupuncture, herbs and low-level laser therapy (LLLT/photobiomodulation) as well as with other energy psychology techniques such as hypnosis, NLP and psych K. It is recommended you start with a heath audit to find the underlying causes to you feeling anxious and stressed as well as to food cravings and not being able to lose AND maintain weight loss.

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Jun 19, 2019


The last thing patients typically want to hear when they’re awaiting their first second, third, or fifth round of IVF is to use the next 100 days to optimize their fertility.  But those 100 days of pre-conception treatments have the potential to make an enormous difference in your IVF results.

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Whole Brain Posture for surrendering into the present moment

Jun 16, 2019

Surrender – Accepting what is

I teach this technique and many more in my workshops for creating your reality and awakening your inner healer. If you are struggling with your thoughts and feelings then read on for one of my favourite simple tools to help you get into the present moment and transform the negative feelings.

Practice whole brain posture to support you in surrendering to the present moment, to accepting what is.

Dr Les fehmi, PhD, in his book The Open Focus Bain, shares how when he finally gave up and deeply accepted his failure (he had many unsuccessful attempts of moving his brainwaves into Alpha known for their detached relaxation and healing potential), the EEG registered high-amplitude production. As he stated, “I had been trying too hard and didn’t know it. By surrendering I had slipped into Alpha – the alert, wakeful relaxation that had eluded me)”

If you are feeling alarmed, overwhelmed, inadequate, etc...

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The Future: Men's Health Initiative (part 3)

Jun 12, 2019

When trying to encourage men into our practices, us well-intentioned practitioners tend to focus on responsibility and hard work. I certainly won’t argue with that; we could all use a little kick in the pants.