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Your Christmas Colon - Supplements To Help Support Your Digestion Over The Holidays

Dec 13, 2019

Sometimes it's easier to add than to take away! What I mean by this is many of my patients openly say that they are not holding back this holiday. They will enjoy the holidays to the fullest. Lots of processed foods, speciality coffee's, alcohol and little to no vegetables. If this is the case, instead of trying to take some of these foods out maybe we can add something in to decrease the negative impact on your health.  

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3 Steps To Follow Over The Holidays - Make 2020 Your Healthiest Year Ever!

Dec 03, 2019

Most people feel it is a rule that we all need to gain weight over the holidays in order to enjoy ourselves. We overindulge in too many foods and too much drink.  We are too busy to stay active and exercise.  When we look around us everyone else is doing the same thing. We feel comfortable in our poor decisions as it is socially acceptable. Most of us enter into January feeling tired, depressed and a few pounds heavier.

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Cerebrospinal fluid: Rinsing your brain while you sleep

Dec 02, 2019

There’s no denying the power of a good night of sleep, but just in case you haven’t heard enough about the wonders of sleep, yet another benefit has been documented recently by a group of well-slept scientists.

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Dec 02, 2019

Endometriosis is a complex disease affecting nearly one in ten women in the world. Since there is no one known cause or cure for endometriosis, I find treatment the most effective when it is viewed from all angles of known causative factors.

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Tracking your cycle naturally

Dec 02, 2019
Whether you are trying to conceive, looking for a natural contraception method or wanting general awareness of your reproductive health, tracking your monthly menstrual cycle is an informative tool to understanding your hormones.
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Acupuncture as an Adjunct for the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder: a Case Study

Nov 18, 2019

Mental health awareness week has come and gone, but before you pack away the ribbons and confetti for another year, I have a great case study on Bipolar disorder that got me really inspired to do more of this work.

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SIBO - the number one cause of IBS

Nov 14, 2019
Do you feel bloated after meals? Suffer from irregular or uncomfortable bowel movements? Do fiber or vegetables upset your stomach? Or maybe you’ve been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and told it’s something you’ll have to manage for the rest of your life?
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Should Men Quit Drinking Before Trying to Conceive?

Oct 20, 2019

More and more research is being brought to light about the importance of male fertility in fertilization, implantation, healthy embryos, and an overall healthy pregnancy. Up to 40% of infertility is due to male factor, and many of these negatively influencing conditions are easily altered through basic diet and lifestyle factors.


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Is your sleep hygiene contributing to your insomnia?

Oct 15, 2019

Trouble falling asleep? Feel unrefreshed first thing in the morning? Insomnia is common and impacts anywhere from 6-48% of Canadians. Good quality of sleep is essential for optimal physical and mental functioning. Sleep impacts mood, cardiovascular health, metabolism, weight, learning, memory, immune function, and much more!


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Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein: Turn on Your Health and Wealth Creation

Oct 12, 2019

I highly recommend you get your copy of Gabrielle Bernstein's latest book, Super Attractor. Take back control on how you choose to feel and what you create in your reality.