Your Gut, Your Health and Your Fertility

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When it comes to overall health and your fertility, gut health is a big player in your success. Science has been stumbling upon more and more research supporting the importance of your gut microbiome in almost all aspects of your health. This theory has been around for over 2,500 years and as time goes on science has been showing how accurate this statement really is. The ancient greek physician Hippocrates was the one who said "all disease begins in the gut".  


We know that digestion plays a role in so many other areas of our health that often look to be unrelated. Things such as mental health, inflammatory conditions, hormones, skin and many other health complaints may originate from the gut.  


The good news is that there are several ways you can easily improve your microbiome to help your fertility. The following are a few of my favorite ways to support my patients digestion while they are trying to conceive.


1 - Diet

This is the most obvious way to improve our digestion. A few big ideas to keep in mind are:

- Eating a diet that is full of both prebiotics (fiber rich foods) along with probiotics (good bacteria foods).

- Limiting or eliminating processed foods and sugars which are damaging to the natural microbiome

- Eating a variety of colors of vegetables - keep your diet diverse 


2 - Lifestyle

Lifestyle is important as it also plays a really big role in digestive health as well as stress. Stress levels are also associated with poor digestion so managing stress levels is important to optimize your gut microbiome. Two simple ways to improve lifestyle and reduce stress are:

- Making sure you are getting adequate sleep

- Getting some regular exercise


3 - Laser - Photobiomodulation - Low Level Light Therapy - LLLT

Laser has been shown to positively affect the microbiome of the gut and can decrease inflammation and improve metabolism. To learn more about how, here are some good posts

Study on Laser To Improve the Microbiome 


4 - Taking a Closer Look

At Acubalance, there are several tests we offer that help to diagnose and treat digestive disorders. Our Naturopaths are able to help pinpoint specific imbalances and offer unique solutions to help improve your digestion and fertility. To learn more here is a link to a blog you may find interesting 



If you are wanting to optimize your fertility, looking at your gut health may make a positive difference in your success. We know that sometimes diet changes alone aren't enough. To learn more about how we optimize fertility and digestion you can set up a 15 minute discovery call here  



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