Is your baby making fun or stressful?

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Is your baby making fun or stressful?Growing up you probably played house with dolls and thought about how one day you would marry the perfect match for you and then effortlessly create your family together.

As you grew up you spent most of your adolescent years trying not to get pregnant. Often stressing and worrying about an accidental pregnancy even though you were safe. So, it is not surprising what a major disappointment you feel when you finally start to actively try to conceive and it is not happening.  Each unsuccessful attempt signaled by PMS and then a menstrual bleed compounds your disappointment and fear of maybe something could be wrong. 

After multiple cycles without a positive pregnancy test, self-doubt sets in if you will ever have a baby or worse, you get a positive pregnancy test result, but your excitement and joy come crashing down a few weeks later with an unexpected bleed from an early miscarriage.  Eventually, test results or failed cycles using western drugs or procedures like IUI or IVF can break your spirit and lead you to feel inadequate and hopeless.  Infertility is definitely stressful, and for many, it turns into fertility trauma after unsuccessful IVF cycles or miscarriages.

Infertility and miscarriages can bring us to our knees. Women often express guilt and shame for abortions they had when they were younger and start to blame themselves that it may somehow be contributing to their infertility.   

I can understand how you may be looking for something or someone to blame.  However, self-blame doesn't serve you.  It is understandable how you feel frustrated and often hopeless with the need to know the reasons behind your infertility and add to it that some of your doctors are not offering you the time and support you need.  Nobody should have to feel like they are just a number.  Like you, at Acubalance are frustrated that our medical system does not cover (or even offer) all the tests and treatments we have come to learn and provide to our patients that can benefit you on your fertility journey.  You deserve all the support and time you need to help you uncover the underlying causes preventing you from getting pregnant or staying pregnant and you deserve to have a clear plan tailored to you to help you give you the best chance of getting pregnant.    

Many of you actually have the potential to go on to have babies.  A healthy body is one that can self-regulate (basically self-correct and heal) but if it is out of balance, the cellular environment is suboptimal, then you experience less than optimal health as well as infertility.  Fortunately, by adjusting your internal cellular environment, your body can regain its ability to self-regulate (balance) and move from sub-fertile to fertile to peak fertility.

We have been helping 1000’s of women for over 20 years reach their peak fertility potential.  Let’s be clear, these women always had the potential but as a result of one or more factors, they were not able to reach their peak fertility potential.  We love being your fertility auditor and leaving no stone unturned as we test and search for the underlying causes as well as create a detailed tailored plan of what you can do to optimize your fertility. 

Currently, you may be experiencing sub-fertility, and with adequate support, expert guidance, and a clear individualized plan, then you can regain confidence and trust in your body and feel empowered with your next steps on your fertility journey with an expert team supporting you. 

I have witnessed thousands of women and men transform their disappointment and fear into confidence and hope as they put their plans into action on their journey to reaching their peak fertility potential. 

I continue to be in awe and wonder of the amazing resilience I witness in the women I guide on their fertility journey. You deserve to be given the best chance to get pregnant and your baby deserves to have the best chance of good health too. I want you to have a deeper and more comprehensive infertility investigation (I call this the Fertility Audit) to look for the underlying causes of your infertility followed by adequate time with our experts to thoroughly explain the test results followed by a clear plan of action that will help you reach your peak fertility potential, and the health of your future baby. 

Baby making, starting, or adding to your family is meant to be enjoyable and fun.  We can help you move from feeling self-doubt, worried, and overwhelmed to feeling confident, empowered, and fully supported.  

Lorne Brown B.Sc., CPA, Dr TCM, FABORM, CHt, CLT, RTT
Founder and Clinical Director
Acubalance Wellness Centre

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