You Know You're Doing Something Right When A Patient Walks in With a Cane But Forgets It After Their Treatment

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This happened to me recently and it brings so much joy to my practice knowing we can offer relief for those who are in pain.  

I've been treating a gentleman in his mid 70's who has been suffering with ankle pain for over a year. Due to a fall causing bone and extensive soft tissue damage he has been unable to walk without experiencing severe pain. He has not experienced any noteworthy improvement in over a year. Severe swelling, poor range of motion and unable to walk even short distances without his cane. He came to see me a few weeks ago wanting to try low level light therapy (LLLT - Laser) and Acupuncture. He has tried physio and massage in the past without success and was hopeful this could help him after seeing a documentary on TV.  
Most patients with conditions like this will notice some improvement within a few weeks of treatment. This gentleman has responded extremely well. After only 3 treatments his daily pain has decreased significantly while his ability to move his ankle increased. He states he has had more relief in the past 10 days than he has had in over a year. His 4th visit seemed to go equally well and it wasn't because he told us so. When he walked out of the office we noticed he didn't have his cane. The pain had decreased so much he was heading back to his car not noticing he had left his cane in the room. I find this a good indication that we are heading in the right direction!
If you are experiencing pain and are not happy with the way you are healing Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT - Laser) in combination with Acupuncture may be right for you. This combination of treatment improves cellular health, decreases inflammation, improves circulation and promotes the bodies own ability to heal. To read more follow this link to learn how this is achieved.  
If you're in pain, be proactive and try something new!  Chronic pain can improve!
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Dr. Ryan Funk
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