Why is a Guys Infertility Not Treated The Same As Female Infertility?

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I read a article recently discussing how we treat infertility different in men than in women. It doesn't really make any sense as male infertility is just as common, we just don't treat it that way! The article written in the huffington post was named "Infertility in Men is Just as Common as in Women It's Just Not Treated That Way"
In my practice I see many couples come in and tell me they have unexplained infertility. As we dive deeper into their testing, male factor infertility is present but wasn't discussed with them.  
Men often complain about the lack of support they have after being diagnosed. Few support networks are available and if discussing this with friends it's often dismissed and not taken seriously. There are some support groups for men but they are not usually utilized as men often deal with this type of stress in a more personal and private way.  
It's important to note a mans wife will play a very significant role in his emotional well being while dealing with infertility. Setting time aside to discuss the doubts and other emotions that come up will help keep you on the same page.  
Stay positive and proactive while dealing with male infertility. You can have success! There are many effective types of treatment which can have a significant improvement to achieve a pregnancy.  
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