Why do I feel sad? Reframing what fall means for you.

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It’s not uncommon for me to get an increase of patients complaining of sadness and depression around this time of year. 

With the summer events wrapping up and the cold mornings letting us know that the rain is coming soon, it’s no surprise that many people start to feel the effects in their body and mood. 


So what can you do to prevent the seasonal blues from hitting? 


1. Re-frame what fall means for you:
Fall is a time to go internal; we spend less time out and more time looking inward, both personally and within our home. While this can bring on feelings of sadness, this time of transition can be an amazing time to tap into a self-care routine again. Home projects, art, music, cooking and other creative expressions are a great way to help bring excitement and self-growth into the coming months. Even carving in time for tea and book reading can bring a wonderful re-charge and recovery from the go-go of summer. By changing the way you look at the coming season, you can actually change the way your brain reacts and the signals it sends around immunity, mood and hormones. 

2. Fall clean? Shedding what doesn’t serve you: 
We generally think of spring when we think of de-cluttering our lives, but fall is also a time for shedding the ‘leaves’ in your life that don’t serve you. Whether it is clothes and home decluttering or thoughts and feelings that are holding you back,  shedding what isn’t helping you feel good is a great activity to do to help you enter into the next season with less overwhelm and stagnant emotions holding you back. 

3. Time for selfcare and illness prevention:
Fall is a great time for cultivating personal growth and health. With summer and December holiday seasons usually involving busy social calendars and little time for selfcare, fall is a great time to review diet, lifestyle and supplements, for supporting the coming seasons. It’s also a great time to work on any stress, emotions, immune system strength and those stubborn health complaints that don’t seem to be going away. 


For patients coming to see me, I like to do a health audit update and create a prevention plan for the coming season. Creating an action plan for your mental and physical health can help jump start your motivation, clarity and emphasize the notion that your health and happiness are in fact, worthy of your time and the key to living to your highest potential. Treatment plans can include diet, lifestyle, acupuncture, acutonics, low level laser therapy, vitamins and cupping depending on what aspect of your mental and physical health we want to focus on. 

If you have any questions about your own personal health audit, click here. 


Happy, healthy fall to everyone!


-Dr. Emilie 

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