Which Lubricants Help You Conceive?

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Many couples who are trying to conceive ask about sperm friendly lubricants. This is one case where they are all not created equal! Even the brands saying they are sperm friendly may be lacking key elements. Searching for the good ones can be a difficult task. 

A study published last year compared multiple different sperm friendly lubricant's to see which ones really are sperm friendly!  A few of the tested brands were:

  • Sylk
  • Conceive Plus
  • glycerol
  • Yes
  • Forelife
  • MaybeBaby
  • Pre-seed

When testing the lubricants they looked at sperm motility, sperm vitality and sperm DNA fragmentation. The product which showed to be the most sperm friendly was Pre-seed. Pre-seed is the lubricant recommended by Acubalance and we also carry it so you can easily pick it up at Acubalance. It has been shown to benefit all 3 parameters of of sperm vitality, motility and DNA fragmentation.

If a woman is producing adequate amounts of healthy, natural cervical mucus adding more lubrication won't likely help you conceive. With many couples, intercourse can be painfully difficult due to a lack of naturally occurring lubrication and pre seed can be of great benefit. 

To read the full study or find out more about pre seed follow these links. To read about other supplements which may help your body naturally produce fertile friendly cervical mucus click here. There are many ways couples can naturally and easily increase their chances of concieving without procedures like IVF. To find out more the Acubalance Website provides information to help you boost your fertility. From diet and lifestyle adjustments to Acupuncture and Herbal formulas there are many natural approaches to optimize your fertility. Pre-seed is just one example of an inexpensive and non-invasive way to help you conceive naturally.


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