When Willpower Still Isn't Enough. Why Are You So Tired?

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I have seen a common phenomenon not only in myself but in the people around me and my patients. I have seen healthy, energetic people go through periods where they lose all motivation and fail to move forward on a clear path. They have no energy, their get up and go, has gotten up and gone! It's not laziness or depression. No matter how hard you push or dig deep into your will power it just feels like too much. Feelings of self doubt enter your mind saying what's wrong with me? Through an understanding of how the body works and what we do at Acubalance we can provide answers on how to bring your get up and go back to full steam ahead. 

There are generally 2 things that will prevent us from reaching true vitality. One is psychological, lack of clear goals,gratitude and emotional wellbeing. If we don't know our purpose then how are we supposed to find value in our lives? We need to know why we are getting out of bed in the morning. I have done a variety of self help techniques which have been very useful for me to focus my energy and intentions. This has created energy and happiness in my life. From reading specific books, listening to podcasts or creating clear goals it has all been useful. What was hard for me was when I had clear intentions of what I wanted to be doing but for some reason lacked the energy and willpower to accomplish it. It was during these times that my will power was tested and relatively simple tasks took everything I had. This was not caused from lack of focus or good intentions but a lack of our bodies ability to support itself.  

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When our body chemistry is unable to support optimal health we become fatigued, cloudy and unfocussed. Simple tasks that would normally take just a few seconds can take 15 minutes or worse just not get done. I'm sure we have all felt "off" maybe when fighting a cold, the morning after a few drinks or when we haven't eaten enough that day. Few people understand that our biochemistry is much more complex and will change both for good and bad depending on the stress we are under, the exercise we are getting, our diet we are consuming or the toxins we have been exposed to. This means our biochemistry changes throughout the day, throughout the week and throughout our lives. Even the bacteria in our gut will change our mental and emotional performance.  

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The good news is there is something you can do. By working  on both your biochemical balance along with mental emotional wellbeing you can find vitality. You can have the energy to accomplish daily tasks and the ability to thrive when problems pop up. If you are wondering why you aren't feeling well even if you're taking care of yourself there may be some underlying issues that have not been uncovered. At Acubalance our approach is simple. We will look at all areas of your health and help you reestablish optimal biochemistry and mental emotional wellbeing. Only when these two aspects of your health are harmonized and optimized will you have endless energy and vitality.  

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As each person's needs are different so is their solution. There is no "one size fits all" approach to diet, exercise, supplements or emotional well being. What works for one of my patients may not work for the other. Only once a indepth diagnosis has been reached can we create a plan that will fully meet your needs. To learn more about the Acubalance approach to optimizing your health please call to set up a 15 min Q&A
If you're motivated to feel better and live with more vitality we can help.  
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How To Improve Health and Vitality. When WillPower Isn't Enough