What You Can Do To Support Both Immunity and Fertility

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I wanted to pass along a handful of things we all can be doing which not only will supports our immune function but also our fertility. A healthy body is one that is strong in both these areas. What makes supporting these systems easier is that there is a massive overlap. Often doing 1 thing will improve both fertility and immunity. Here are a few of my favorite ways you can do both at the same time with only 1 change.  
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Keep Moving
Exercise is fantastic at improving circulation. This allows better blood flow for fertility (more blood flow to the uterus and ovaries) but also the immune system benefits. With better circulation the immune system cells are better able to flow through the body getting to all areas. We also know that exercise leads to overall better health which also supports immune function. The next question is how much exercise? Mild to moderate exercise done daily would be optimal. High-intensity exercise can increase inflammatory reactions in the body which can negatively impact your immune system so dial it down if you're used to going 100%.
This is an essential aspect of our diet and without water we will die within days. Water supports your bodies ability to eliminate toxins, supports joint/skin health, promotes cardiovascular health, delivers nutrients to the cells of our body and a significant amount of other functions needed for optimal living. How much water we need will vary depending on multiple factors. Generally, we suggest for patients to drink half of their weight in ounces. For a 190lb male that would mean drinking 95ounces per day (about 11-12 cups). Those who live in a warm dry climate or who do more exercise will require higher amounts.  
Sleep is another one of these important habits we need to keep in check to stay healthy and strong. It is a vital aspect of both immunity and fertility. The deep relationship between sleep and immunity has been proven many times. Sleep deprivation not only compromises the immune system but it also increases inflammatory markers which negatively impacts general health.  
Sleep and fertility also show a strong relationship. Men who have irregular sleep patterns or do not get adequate rest have lower chances of conceiving than those men who sleep well. Not only this but men also showed a negative immune reaction. A man's immune system can actually begin to attack his own sperm (LINK). Try to be in bed before 11pm most nights and get 8-9 hours of sleep to optimize both fertility and immunity.  
Vitamin D - this plays a vital role in both immunity and fertility. Studies have shown how Vitamin D modulates the immune response and a deficiency is associated with autoimmunity. Vitamin D and fertility is also connected. Low vitamin D levels have been associated with irregular cycles supporting both endocrine and metabolic parameters. Although Vitamin D is found in many multivitamins and prenatals it's dosage is generally too low and extra supplementation may be required.  
Vitamin C - This immunity supporting vitamin also plays a key role in iron absorption, progesterone production and Male fertility. It also is a key element in the formation of healthy follicles. Overall, Vitamin C is responsible for a healthy menstrual cycle and ovarian function.  
Improve Your Digestion
The strength of your digestive system is related to how you think, how you feel, your immune system, hormones and fertility. When our digestive system is not optimized, all the systems in our body will suffer. Even small digestive problems can lead to a domino effect of other complications in our health. To heal the gut and improve your fertility/immunity it may be as easy as adding probiotics or prebiotics. In other cases, more intensive treatment may be needed such as diet changes and in-depth testing.   
When a treatment plan is put in place and followed strictly fast improvement can be seen. I have attached a case study here that shows just what kind of improvements can be seen. Case Study - Weight Loss, Improved Fertility and better digestion in only 4 weeks
There are dozens if not hundreds of things we all can do to help improve our immunity and fertility. Keep it simple and make changes that are easy for you. Slowly work your way to some of the more challenging adjustments to keep from being overwhelmed  If you are having trouble with where to start we are here to help support you. Acubalance is able to provide an in-depth diagnosis for your health and aims to find out why you are having troubles. Once we uncover the underlying causes we are able to tailor a treatment plan specific to you in achieving a greater level of health. To learn more or to book a consultation (E Consultations available) please follow this link 
Best of Health
Dr Ryan Funk
Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Fellow of the ABORM
Support Immunity, Support Fertility. What You Can Do To Support Both Immunity and Fertility