What role can acupuncture and low level laser therapy play in healing frozen shoulder?

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Before you go and decide on getting that cortisone injection to help relieve shoulder pain from frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) symptoms you should consider acupuncture therapy. It is not only effective, it is gentle and has little to no side-effects when done by a registered acupuncturist.

What is frozen shoulder?

Adhesive capsulitis (also termed frozen shoulder) is a common condition characterised by spontaneous onset of pain, progressive restriction of movement of the shoulder and disability that restricts activities of daily living, work and leisure. 

If you’ve been experiencing

  • Reduced range of motion in your shoulder
  • Aching and pain in your shoulder without any injury

Then you may be at the beginning stages of Frozen Shoulder. Don’t wait for the pain to get better while you nurse it with a heating pad and ibuprofen of acetaminophen. The sooner you begin proper treatment the better.

Electrotherapy modalities, which aim to reduce pain and improve function via an increase in energy (electrical, sound, light, thermal) into the body, are often delivered as components of a physical therapy intervention. 

There was a trial with an aim to assess the effects of low level laser therapy with exercise compared to physiotherapy alone in the treatment of shoulder disorders. It was concluded that physical therapy with LLLT was more beneficial than only doing exercise alone.

In another case, this one involved only the use of acupuncture. The outcome of only using acupuncture improved the overall look of all the movement of flexion and adduction of the shoulder, but the movement has been further improved, at three months after treatment compared with the control group had a greater improvement and finally, we perform acupuncture as a way to improve shoulder motion in patients with frozen shoulder offered.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from pain and injury, whether chronic or acute, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free 15 minute consultation to see if laser therapy and acupuncture is right for you.

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