What Is IV Therapy?

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We rolled out an exciting new service at Acubalance this September 2014 – it’s called IV Micronutrient Therapy (IV = "intravenous" – directly into the vein) and we’re really excited about it!


Here’s a little information about IV Therapy, why you should consider it, and how to get started.


What is it?


Intravenous therapy involves the administration of nutrients and minerals directly into the blood stream.  It is the quickest and most effective way to deliver vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids to the cells of your body.  Giving high dose nutrients in this fashion supports deficiencies, stimulates healing, promotes weight loss, helps defy aging, boosts the immune system, enhances energy, improves sleep and boosts fertility.  At Acubalance, we’re administering IV “pushes” and IV “drips” to patients for a myriad of health conditions and patients are feeling great!


What are the advantages to getting IV nutrients?


-No concern about the ability of the digestive tract to properly absorb nutrients (as is the case with oral supplements)

-No need to worry about the effects of “first pass metabolism” – aka the liver’s breakdown of nutrients before they reach circulation (also an issue with oral supplements)

-Patients doing IV therapy can reduce the number of oral supplements they’re taking – we can target specific deficiencies and metabolic processes, and give high doses of nutrients that get them through the week

-It’s quick, easy, and relaxing – you can relax with an eye pillow, read a book, catch up on emails, or chat with me (Dr. MacIsaac) while you get your IV push or IV drip


What’s the difference between a “Push” and a “Drip?”


An IV Push is the quickest way to get the nutrients your body needs.  It takes about 15-20 minutes of office time as your practitioner slowly “pushes” the nutrients into your system.  You’re in and out in about a half an hour.


An IV Drip is a larger volume of fluid delivered over a slightly longer period of time – from 30-60 minutes on average.  In a drip bag, we’re able to add higher doses of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids than in the Push.  Once your drip is set up, you’ll be monitored periodically and can use the hour to catch up on emails or read a book.  You can be in and out with a drip in about an hour.


What conditions are treated with IV therapy?


To be honest – almost everyone can benefit from the right combination of nutrients in an IV Push or Drip.  At Acubalance, we have a menu for our most common IV Therapies, which includes the following:


-The Fertility Booster (with extra minerals and methylated folate)


-The Feel Good (high dose nutrients for a general 'pick me up')


-The Stressed Out (with extra B5 and Licorice extract to support the adrenal glands)


-The Immune Booster (to prevent against colds and flus this season)


-The DOR (for diminished ovarian reserve, with extra antioxidants)


-The Endo (for patients with endometriosis, with more anti-inflammatory ingredients)


-The PCOS (for patients with PCOS, to boost ovulation and balance hormones)



We can also customize an IV Push or Drip on an individual basis, and your physician (that’s me!) will monitor you closely.  Have endometriosis and don’t want to get the Flu?  Or been diagnosed with DOR and can't sleep?  We can custom formulate an IV just for you.


How do I get one?


I am currently administering IV Pushes Monday to Friday during my regular Acubalance schedule.  You can schedule an IV appointment at Acubalance whether you are a current patient of the clinic or not - you'll just have to fill out a quick intake form.  If you have questions or would like to discuss how an IV visit could benefit your individual health concern, call the clinic to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with myself, or send us an email.  I can’t wait to help you move more quickly toward your health goals!


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