What I Ate Wednesday: A Day On The Fertility Diet

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I have seen several new patients over the past few weeks at Acubalance, who have come in with lots of detailed questions about the fertility diet.  Which I think is amazing!  I love working at our clinic, and one of the reasons is that our patients are extremely well educated when they walk in the door – having gone through our website and started to tweak their diet and lifestyle.  Kudos, new patients!

When it comes to eating to optimize fertility, there are many opinions out there – but a few basic rules and guidelines everyone who researches food and fertility will agree with form the basis of the Acubalance fertility diet.  The four major tenants to our diet are:


1. no processed food

2. no refined flours

3. no added sugar

4. lots of vegetables, healthy fats and proteins

(5th hidden tenant: 80/20 rule - 80% of the time you do the above, 20% of the time is 'cheat time')


Awesome.  If you can look down at your plate of food, and check yes to each of the above, you’re eating for fertility.


..But it’s not always super easy to grasp at first. 


I wanted to give a quick rundown of what the Acubalance fertility diet means to me.  I live and breathe this diet every day – as do all of your Acubalance practitioners.  So we’re your best resource if you have questions about what it really means.  Hopefully this ‘how to’ will also shed some light.  Here's a more detailed breakdown that I like to use with patients:



2 servings of dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, arugula, rapini, etc)

2 servings of brightly coloured vegetables (lightly steamed or cooked, ideally)

1-2 eggs daily

1 serving of nuts/seeds (1/2 cup nuts like almonds/walnuts, 1/4 cup of seeds)

1-2 servings of fruits (ideally at breakfast or mid-morning)

1 serving of EFA rich food (flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, salmon, sardines, halibut, snapper, scallops, avocado, etc)

Coconut oil or butter (ideally from grass-fed cows) daily

Whole grains (something you've cooked yourself like brown rice, quinoa; 1/4 of your plate at lunch, ideally)

Water (with lemon or lime ups the alkaline power)



Lentils or beans 2-3x/week

Grass-fed red meat 1x/week

Organic chicken or turkey 2-3x/week

Grass-fed liver or caviar 1x/week


For example… Here’s everything I'll eat today.  A little “what I ate Wednesday” to show you how this can work in real life.  I usually prep two to three dishes on Sundays, and keep them in the fridge for quick-grab lunches or easy late dinners, along with a leafy green salad.  This week I prepped a delicious gluten-free pasta with ground turkey, eggplant and tomatoes because it was chilly out!  I also prepped grass-fed beef for lettuce tacos, a loaf of the 'life changing bread,' and made a yummy salad dressing.Dinners can sometimes be very late, given my schedule, so I try to eat a hearty breakfast, lunch and snack in the mid-evening so I’m not ravenous when I get home at 9pm.  What you’ll likely notice is…. I eat a lot during the day!  And I’m not shy to share it.  Regular snacking, good quality protein and fats, and lots and lots of veggies keep my mind sharp and my body able to do what I ask of it!


What I Ate Wednesday


Waking: 500mL of warm water with lemon

Breakfast: arugula, heirloom cherry tomatoes, 2 eggs sunny side up (cooked in organic butter), 2 organic chicken sausages; decaf coffee with almond milk, 1 tsp of coconut oil, dash of cinnamon

Snack: half a banana with almond butter

Lunch: spinach salad topped with radish, shredded beets, heirloom cherry tomatoes, cucumber, goat milk feta, pumpkin seeds, and homemade olive oil dressing

Snack: ½ avocado on rice cakes with a little Himalayan salt

Dinner (late tonight): 1 lettuce-wrapped grass-fed beef taco, topped with shredded veggies (carrot, beet), radish, salsa, slice of avocado


Throughout the day: Tazo Zen tea with honey (green tea with mint and lemongrass, my favourite), water with lemon


Once you start eating this way, you'll build up an arsenal of easy, clean whole foods recipes that you can cycle through every week.  We have a recipe database you can check out too! 


If you have questions about what you’re eating – and how it may affect your fertility – ask any of your Acubalance practitioners, or schedule a free 15 minute consult with us.  We live and breathe this lifestyle, so we are happy to be your guides.



In health,


Dr. Kali MacIsaac, HBSc ND
Naturopathic Doctor

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