What Do You Give Up When You Want To Move Up?

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I was listening to John Maxwell today and he mentioned that for us to improve ourselves, to move ourselves up in any area of our lives we need to leave something else behind. His words were something like "if you want to move up, what do you need to give up?" This got my creative juices flowing and thinking about what my patients are wanting and what they generally need to give up to achieve their goals.

This can be an easy exercise for some conditions and more difficult for others. Some patients need to give up some of their netflix couch time to allow more time for exercise if they are wanting to lose weight. For someone dealing with anxiety they may need to give up listening to the news or using Facebook. This will decrease the minds exposure to negative influences to give it an opportunity to have positive.
Although the idea behind this is simple, when it's happening to you the answers can be difficult to find. With my patients we discuss changes that need to be made in order for them to achieve health goals. For many this is to improve their reproductive health to allow them to become parents. The wonderful part of this process is that we often change poor lifestyle habits that have been hindering them for years. It's only now that they have the motivation to change. In some cases they didn't even know that some of the habits they have fallen into had been having a negative effect.
If you are wanting to move up in your health maybe it's easier to think about what you need to give up. Take some quiet time to go over what you are wanting to achieve and write down the 3 biggest things that are holding you back. Make a conscious decision to limit or better yet eliminate these things. It's amazing what we can achieve when we make a clear decision on which path to take.
Having trouble finding out what you need to change? Find someone who is successful in the area you are wanting to change or a professional in that area to help. At Acubalance we focus on WHY you are not reaching your health goals and find ways to make it more achievable. To learn more about the Acubalance approach please call to set up a 15 minute phone consult with one of our doctors.
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