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I wanted to pass along a story from one of my more recent patients, let's call her Alison. Alison first came into my office in the 3rd week of January looking for help with her health and improving her chances of having a child.  She was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Although all her tests with her doctor have come back normal she definitely was not feeling healthy. She has been suffering with infertility along with severe PMS symptoms and painful periods. She was also fatigued, having regular headaches and complained of digestive issues. The last few years she has been gaining weight even though she was active most days with a very physical job. It was at this point that Alison decided to see how Acubalance can help not only her chances of conceiving but her feel better too.   
Women will have the best chance of having a healthy pregnancy when they themselves are healthy. Hormone levels, quality of digestion, amount of sleep all play a key role in creating the ideal environment for both egg development and pregnancy. We call this period of time before a woman gets pregnant the 100 Days To Peak Fertility

Treatment Plan

At Alison's initial consultation we went over all aspects of her health and lifestyle and found a few areas that may be holding her back from a greater level of wellbeing. We created a clear treatment plan looking at diet, sleep patterns, supplements, exercise and Acupuncture. We made the changes simple enough to be effective but not too complex to be difficult to implement. Alison jumped right in starting to make changes that very same day. She started with some of the easy changes like adding more vegetables into her diet and slowly worked on the harder changes like getting regular sleep. Within 2 weeks she started to notice a measurable change which motivated her to continue following the treatment plan.  
When her next period came it was definitely different. Her PMS was significantly decreased while her period was not nearly as painful and had become a healthier fresh red color. She has only reported having 1 headache in the past few weeks which was related to her period. Her bloating has almost completely disappeared and is now having daily bowel movements. She is also experiencing better sleep quality and waking up with significantly more energy. 
The treatment plan I created for Alison is one that helps create an optimal environment for health and therefore fertility. I did not create it for weight loss. The side effect of having a body that is functioning optimally is that it will find a healthy weight with less effort. In less than 4 weeks Alison has lost 8 pounds without adding in any intense exercise or cutting calories. She is now more motivated than ever.
Although Alison has not yet achieved a healthy pregnancy she is 1 step closer to her goal. It takes 3 months for a woman's eggs to mature before being ovulated and Alison is just 1 month into this process. In 3 months from now, the eggs she will be releasing will have been growing and maturing in this ideal environment allowing them to reach their genetic potential. 

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Dr. Ryan Funk, Dr.TCM
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