Update on Laser for Fertility in Vancouver BC

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We are in the early stages of the Acubalance Laser baby program.   The first group of women completing the full 3 months will be by the late September.  But we do have several women not able to wait the full 3 months but still taking advantage of our Laser for Fertility Protocol as they prepare for and move through their IVF stimulation phase and transfer of embryos. 

We have observed some improvements already in the early stages of using Laser for fertility where women reported having more mature eggs retrieved and higher fertilization rates including growing out to blastocyst (day 5) than in their previous IVF cycles. 

We brought Laser Acupuncture for Fertility to Vancouver BC because the low-level laser therapy (LLLT) offers the following benefits to egg quality and uterine receptivity by:

  1. Enhancing mitochondrial activity and ATP production
  2. Increasing blood flow
  3. Regulating inflammation and to help reduce oxidative damage
  4. Softening of scar tissue

Studies show that the mitochondria of older eggs are less capable of producing ATP, which is the source of cellular energy. This has a significant impact on fertility, as the rate of division and successful implantation of embryos has more to do with how much energy (ATP) than with maternal age per se. Consequentially, the capacity of the cold laser (LLLT) to improve the ATP production of eggs has a potentially dramatic effect on their viability. 

All our cells are powered by little structures called mitochondria. Eggs have about 200 times more mitochondria than any other cell. When eggs are developing, they use a tremendous amount of energy. And early embryo division and implantation requires lots of energy. After 35 years, the mitochondria wear down. At age 40, nine out of 10 eggs are abnormal.

Furthermore, it is known that older follicles have fewer defenses against cellular damage caused by oxidative stress and that this is related to poorer IVF outcomes. Studies suggest that LLLT treatment could also help with this condition, along with other complications, which impede fertility later in life.

Increasing energy level (ATP) in the cells, improved blood circulation, softening of scar tissue and a reduction in inflammation.  These factors are all beneficial to female reproduction in general and to the receptivity of uterine lining.

Combining low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to your acupuncture visits while maintain a healthy lifestyle, following the Acubalance Fertility Diet, taking Naturopathic supplements & IV, and implementing mind-body stress reduction techniques are all part of our approach to helping you reach your peak fertility potential.

We are accepting another 10-15 women during July into our 3-month Acubalance Laser Baby Program.   You can schedule laser with your acupuncture treatments for those who are not part of the laser baby program, just ask for combine laser appointment and my staff will let you know when to book you in.