Turning Back the Reproductive Clock with Traditional Chinese Medicine

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I was a guest blogger on Dr Veronica's website: Wellness for the Real World. To read the full blog post on optimizing your fertility please click here to read.

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How does Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) regard aging and fertility?

While fertility declines with age in all women (and men), the rate at which it declines depends upon our genetic inheritance and lifestyle factors as well as our chronological age. According to Chinese medicine, a woman optimally should be able to conceive until she reaches menopause at approximately age 49.

What Factors Affecting Aging?

Our current lifestyle in the West, characterized by chronic stress, lack of sleep, a fast- food diet and overconsumption of stimulants, accelerates the aging process, and hastens the ticking of the reproductive clock.

According to Chinese Medicine factors that determine your reproductive potential include:

  • Essential Jing: This is the vital essence that, according to Chinese Medicine, you are born with.
  • Diet/nutrition.
  • Stress/cortisol levels.
  • Inflammation levels.
  • Lifestyle factors including exercise and quality of sleep.
  • Relationship and support network.
  • Environmental factors.

As we age, the reproductive hormonal system, governed by the hypothalamic – pituitary – ovarian axis (HPOA), becomes more unbalanced and less able to return to homeostasis. Hormonal fluctuations increase and the eggs are less sensitive to hormonal messages. Once eggs become less responsive to the FSH, more of them fail to develop and return to sleep.

In addition any environmental insults like excessive insulin levels or high stress levels are harder for the body to recover from in an older woman and further destabilize the hormonal system.

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Click here to listen to the podcast with Dr. Veronica's expert fertility panel. My segment starts around the 33min mark. 

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