Top 6 Ways For Biohacking Your Fertility

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Biohacking is a new word being used all over the health industry which seems to have many mysterious definitions. I wanted to dig a little deeper and see what all the fuss is about while seeing how it can help fertility. At it's simplest explanation it is the way people are now using new and clever ways to positively impact our health at a cellular level. Examples of popular biohacking are drinking "bulletproof coffee", adopting intermittent fasting, changing our sleep patterns or beginning a mind-body practice to improve how well our body performs. Biohacking also encompasses technological advances that can support and improve our health such as period tracking apps, photobiomodulation (LLLT), Fit Bits and Smart Rings. There are even websites designed to sell all the different types of biohacking advanced products now coming on the market.  

One of the leaders in the biohacking world is the creator of Bulletproof Coffee. The founder Dave Aspray, says the definition of Biohacking is the Art and Science of changing the environment around us and within us so we have full control of own health. The more I look into this the more I'm finding great health information that not only can impact our overall health but also improve fertility. Here are a few examples of biohacking for fertility that I wanted to share.  

1 - Biohacking Your Vitamins to Treat Infertility 
For those of us that have digestive issues or if you are not properly absorbing the vitamins you are taking there may be an alternate way to improve your nutrient status. There is a way to biohack your vitamins - getting them directly to a cellular level bypassing the usual oral route. When it's indicated for our patients, our Naturopath does this with IV therapy. Nutritional IV therapy is comprised of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, tailored to the patient for their individual concerns, and gets right to where nutrients are needed most, the cells! IV therapy is not for everyone, so you should consult with your physician beforehand to see if you're a candidate.
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2 - Biohacking Elimination Diet
If you are feeling fatigued, bloated, experiencing skin issues, poor digestion or reproductive complaints an elimination diet may be the biohack your body needs. It is very common for people to have food sensitivities, not severe allergies causing a trip to the emergency room but recurrent, moderate discomfort (bloating, foggy brain, abdominal discomfort and acne are just a few examples). Although an elimination diet can sound complex or daunting it doesn't have to be that difficult. In its simplicity, food biohacking eliminates a variety of common foods people have sensitivities too for a 3-4 week period of time. After your body has been clean of these allergens for 3-4 weeks we slowly re-introduce the foods and see how your body reacts. Once we can pinpoint the foods your body reacts to we can begin to limit or eliminate them from your diet allowing you to achieve your peak performance.  
My Experience with a Biohacking my diet 


3 - Biohack Exercise for Women
A woman's body is changing week by week with her menstrual cycle. It makes sense that the exercise she is doing may also need to be adjusted to coincide with these changes. This 3rd biohack can help support women's reproductive health and fertility.  
After a woman's period has finished it's generally a time of growth and exercise can be slightly more intense. Exercise will help increase blood flow to support the growth of a new uterine lining as well as provide nutrients for growing follicles/eggs. Around the time of ovulation until a period has arrived moderate exercise is recommended, slightly less intense than the previous phase of the cycle if you are trying to conceive. During menstruation a very mild type of exercise should be implemented, Walking, slow bike rides and stretching is ideal during the period. Your body will need to replace the blood that has been lost so it's considered a time of recovery, a time to be kind to your body. Biohacking your workouts within the natural changes of your cycle can be a great way to keep your body feeling in shape and to boost your fertility. 
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4 - Photobiomodulation - Biohacking Fertility with Light Therapy 
Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is also known as photobiomodulation or Laser Treatments. All 3 names refer to the same thing, specific light exposure to the body which improves the health of these cells allowing them to function at a higher level. This type of Light Therapy Biohack is used for a variety of health conditions and has gained significant popularity as more research shows how beneficial it can be. It has a big role in supporting both male and female fertility. It has shown to significantly improve sperm survival, motility and speed of movement (Male Fertility Study). As for women trying to biohack their fertility laser can help maximize their egg quality potential. The way it can help is discussed in this video with Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr Paul Magarelli from Colorado Springs.


5 - Biohacking Technology for Fertility and Ovulation 
Anyone who has irregular cycles understands the trickiness of pinpointing your most fertile days. There is now technology which can help take the guessing out of which days you should be trying to conceive. A few months ago a patient of mine tried out a product with good success. She had very irregular and long cycles. When she started acupuncture treatment here at Acubalance she began to use this new technology to see if she could pin point her exact day of ovulation. This piece of technology was able to take her temperature every 5 minutes as she slept and in the morning would sync with her phone. The company claims they have 89% accuracy in predicting ovulation over 24 hours in advance and 99% accurate in predicting ovulation on the day of. Pretty significant claims for women who have been using LH strips and BBT tracking without success. There are a variety of ovulation tracking devices, period tracking apps and other technology coming out to help simplify tracking a woman's cycle. The product my patient used is found HERE but there are many choices to choose from.  

6 - Acupuncture - A Traditional Method of Biohacking
As mentioned above, to Biohack your body is just a way that people are able to improve their overall health and well being. Acupuncture is a way to "hack" improved quality of health while giving your fertility a boost! Fertility trained Acupuncturists are able to help improve blood flow, decrease inflammation, regulate the nervous system and positively affect hormones. These biochemical changes help to stimulate the bodies innate ability to heal and promote both physical and emotional wellness. It looks like the Chinese have been Biohacking for thousands of years! 
When To Get Acupuncture For Fertility


Anyone wanting to have a child will be looking for ways to biohack their way to better chances. The good news is there are many ways which can help you get closer to your goals. There are traditional ways such as Acupuncture along with new technology like Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT - Lasers). With all these options it can be difficult to see which ones are best for you. Please take some time to read through the links provided above and if you still have questions lets discuss the options and what Acubalance offers to help you achieve a greater level of health. 15 Minute Phone Q&A 




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Top ways for Biohacking Your Fertility