Tips Before Egg Freezing and How To Boost Your Fertility - A Podcast Interview

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I recently had the pleasure of talking with a previous patient (Kristina Lao) about her experience going through an egg freezing cycle which she has posted to youtube. So many women go through an egg-freezing cycle in silence, alone and unsure of what the experience will be like. Kristina and her friend Raquelle Roodenburg have created a fantastic youtube channel called Bombshell Brunches where they openly discuss an array of topics. In each episode, they interview an expert in their field and dissect that topic in detail to their listeners.   


On July 6th they posted an episode that discusses Kristina's personal journey going through the egg freezing process called "Holistic Fertility and Prepping for an Egg Freezing Cycle"  Link to the podcast here 


In this episode, Kristina talks about the entire egg freezing process from how she came to the decision to freeze her eggs and everything she did on how to prepare for her egg freezing cycle. For anyone thinking of freezing their eggs, this is a fantastic podcast to learn more about the ins and outs of such a procedure and what they can do to help support their fertile health.  


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