The Miracle is you! And Chinese medicine and naturopathy help you keep the miracle alive.

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       A healthy body heals.


When your body loses its self-regulating ability, when you fall out of autonomic balance, then "dis-ease" and illness take hold and they often become chronic conditions.


Chinese medicine and naturopathy do not see your body as a battlefield where a war needs to be raged. But rather as an ecosystem, a garden, where your soil needs nourishing, thus providing your cells and tissue the necessary environment for you to thrive. 

If you provide your mind-body with the optimal cellular environment then your body can regain and maintain its self-regulating abilities, its innate ability to heal and experience vitality.

I invite you to watch the video, The Miracle is You, and to contact Acubalance to find out how you can support your body so it regains and maintains its innate healing abilities.



Suppressing symptoms with a band-aid approach can be a short-term approach to get you through one to three days while you also tend to your internal garden. The key is addressing the underlying cause and not only treating the symptoms. It has to be short term because this approach often has harmful side-effects that do not support your body's ability to self-regulate and heal. This quick fix  approach does not provide a long-term solution and often leads to exacerbating the problem into a chronic condition.  

This is why people chose Chinese medicine (acupuncture) and naturopathy.  To finally get relief and to learn how to take back control of your health.  To get out of pain, to be able to sleep through the night, to be free from the feeling depressed and anxious, and to have peace of mind and experience daily joy, to feel energized and positive.  


The Acubalance approach invites you to be an active participant in your healing and includes healthy eating, adequate rest, moderate exercise, mind-body stress reduction tools, acupuncture, low level laser therapy, herbal and vitamin supplements to bring your body back into balance so it can regain its ability to heal and thrive. 



Set up a consult at Acubalance Vancouver to find out how the underlying causes to your health concerns and to find out how you can nourish your cellular environment.  Remember, a healthy body heals. Our purpose is to help your body regain its innate ability to heal.


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