The Magical Disappearing Patient

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If you’ve ever seen me in the clinic then you know I love the updates. When I haven’t heard from a patient in a little while, I’ll always send over a quick note to see how they’re doing. How did your cycle go? Are you finished the cleanse? Have the improvements held out? How are the herbs going? It’s a great way to get continuity of care while tracking successes and seeing where improvements are needed. We are always asking the question: could we be doing better? But often, believe it or not, I get the best response ever, like the email I got today.


I had been treating Cassandra for several months. We came up with a treatment plan of weekly acupuncture, dietary changes, supplements as well as some exercise. This was not vigorous exercise, though. More like subtle changes in habit, such as standing at work, walking more often for errands and on lunch breaks, as well as taking the stairs. And the dietary shifts were subtle and manageable. It’s truly amazing what a difference small changes can make. But Cassandra did the hardest part: making the changes and then maintaining them over time.


Cassandra had been told by her fertility doctor that she had a “PCOS like picture.” She had some of the symptoms, but not all. For example, her cycles were very long and ovulation was unpredictable. She was a little bit overweight but changed her diet to a healthier fertility-friendly diet. I treated her for 3 months, then she disappeared off my schedule. Two months later I emailed her to check in and see how everything was going. She got back to me today with this message:


I am 19 weeks pregnant as of now. Yayyyy :) :)

Thanks for following up with me! Take care and stay in touch!


I love this story because it reminds me that the small changes, we make in our everyday habits can affect big changes in our lives. Cassandra and her husband had been trying to conceive for several years before she came to Acubalance. She had treatment for three months, which is the exact egg quality window which we usually recommend. And also, it was a great surprise to start my day.


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