The Legalization of Marijuana in Canada, How Will This Effect Our Fertility?

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With the Canadian government announcing this week the legalization of Marijuana I wanted to touch upon the health implications this could have. There are many incorrect assumptions which go along with something becoming legal and the idea of it now being healthy. Marijuana, although in the process of being no longer illegal is still not healthy. So what are the health concerns with those who consume marijuana products and how is it effecting their fertility?

Unfortunately studies are showing how marijuana is negatively impacting both male and female fertility.  
Boys smoking BC Bud will have a greater likelihood of sperm issues. Marijuana has been shown to hinder the way sperm move (known as sperm motility) decreasing the amount of moving sperm as well as the speed at which they are travel. Motility of sperm is a very important step in conception. If the sperm are unable to swim to the ovaries then an egg can't be fertilized.
Not only does marijuana use effect sperm motility but it also decreases sperm concentration and decreases sperm count.  
Marijuana also impairs female fertility. There are already marijuana like compounds in the female body which regulate the process of implantation. These compounds activate the receptors on the surface of an embryo. Scientists are not sure how recreational marijuana use will effect this process.
Another thing to consider before using marijuana, even if legal is it's effect on your future children. Marijuana use my impact the fertility of your daughter! Women who use marijuana and conceive a girl may be shortening their child's reproductive lifespan.  
Beyond occasional recreational use many people are self medicating with the use of marijuana. Insomnia, anxiety/stress and pain management  are the three I commonly see here in my clinic. Throught he use of a variety of modalities (Acupuncture, Laser LLLT, Diet, lifestyle... ) we are able to treat the conditions which people are self medicating for. It's important to find out how to manage these conditions before getting pregnant as marijuana in pregnancy is associated with adverse birth outcomes. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can be used to limit or eliminate the need for Marijuana both before getting pregnant and during a pregnancy. The other benefit of using these treatment methods here at Acubalance is that they are safe both during pregnancy and while breast feeding.   
If you are self medicating with marijuana for any reason there are options to help to decrease the dependency for this drug. Contact us if you have questions about how we can reduce the need for Marijuana if you are trying to break the habit. 15 minute free consultation