The Last Week of Mediclear, We are Almost There!

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For those of you who are following the Mediclear program ....  Week two has been completed! for many, the second week without animal protein can be very difficult. I have found in the past that I get a little more fatigued and weak during this 2nd week. I crave and dream about having meat! I hope you all did well last week with less cravings than I.  

As we enter the third and last week of the program most people will begin to get pretty bored of the food wanting to add a few small cheats (eggs, tomatoes,... ). Stay strong and keep eating clean. You have come so far and don't want to decrease any benefits from all that you have already accomplished.   You have started to understand more about how your body works. You may already have an idea which foods make you feel sick, bloated or fatigued and which make you feel healthy and energetic.  
Thanks to all who have joined me and the Acubalance team on this dietary journey.  I hope everyone is able to learn more about their bodies and how we feed ourselves effects every aspect of our life.  
Stay strong, eat well, feel great ! only 1 more week.
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Dr. Ryan Funk, 
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine