The Laser Baby Program and Beyond - The Benefits During and After Treatment

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The laser baby program has been in full swing at Acubalance Wellness Centre for two and half months now and we’re incredibly excited about the successful changes we’ve seen in our patient’s menstrual cycles, hormone levels, and general health and wellbeing.

Our Laser Baby patients have continued to notice changes such as a decrease in cramping and clotting during their menstrual cycles and are well on their road to a perfect menstrual cycle.

Many have also noticed improved circulation and warmer hands and feet, which mean an increase in blood flow to the reproductive organs as well. Pathologically shortened cycles have gotten longer, and longer cycles have gotten shorter to the more ideal 26-35 days (indicative of more balanced hormones).  And we already have a few pregnancies plus many who have tested after 3 months  of the laser baby program have seen an increase in AMH and decrease in FSH which often coprrelates to ovarian reserve.


So what happens after the three month program is over? The good news is that it’s not! One of the major benefits of the low level laser therapy is that the effects continue for up to 3-4 months after the completion of the laser baby program treatments due to the cumulative effects of the light therapy.


How does this work? The eggs that are stored inside your ovaries are all at various stages of their development. Some are stored in their immature state (primordial), some at their pre-ovulatory state, and some in between (primary, secondary, antral etc.). During a low level laser therapy treatment, the light targets the mitochondria in the egg cells during all stages of their development, increasing ATP production and the general health of the eggs. Then when the cells are finished their process of maturation, within 3 to 4 months, they are ready for ovulation. This means that in 3 to 4 months, your ovaries are still ovulating egg cells that had received the benefits of the irradiated light months ago.


One of the important treatment principles we stress at Acubalance is preconception care. Our goal is to get you at your peak fertility potential. Although we can’t change genes, we have the ability to foster a healthy reproductive environment to cultivate peak genetic potential. The three months prior to conception is the key window of time to nurture this environment. This is an important time to work on the health of the resting follicles to produce beautiful, healthy egg cells.


What do we recommend after the laser baby program? Maintenance is an important part to any treatment therapy. After completion of the laser baby program intensive, we recommend a continuation of laser acupuncture treatments but to a lesser extent. Four treatments in the follicular stage (two per week), and two treatments in the luteal stage (one per week) for an additional three months.



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