The hardest but most important fertility resolution you will make this year.

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Infertility is hard!
And I don’t mean doing a two week cleanse hard. I mean crying in the bathroom at work hard; avoiding every bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party for fear of someone asking you the dreaded question hard; I mean staying in a job for years more than you wanted to because it has parental leave benefits hard.

Infertility sucks and can leave you doubting yourself, questioning your choices and beating yourself up for past decisions. But this self-doubt and self-criticism does not serve you, all it does is make you feel worse and more alone.
So I am going to suggest probably the hardest New Year goal/resolution you’ll probably have to do this year;

Be kind to yourself. Yup, that’s it.
Be. Kind. To. You!

That can look different for everyone, but I am quite certain that each and every person reading this could use a little extra care and kindness in 2019.

Not sure where to start? Try this:

  • Be gentle when you stumble or fall onto old habits. You are not perfect, you are human and you are trying your best.
  • Love your body (even if it feels broken). Talk to your body as if it were a dear friend. And if talking out loud feels weird, then try thanking your body (in your head) before going to bed. Gratitude practices have shown to reduce depression and serve as a simple yet affective coping strategy in times of stress.
  • Treat yourself to something special, even if there is no occasion for it. A nice bath with essential oils, some fancy tea, a new journal or book. 

I always explain to my patients that the treatments I give, the supplements and herbal formulas I prescribe, and the diet and lifestyle suggestions I recommend are not meant to torture, they are meant to nurture.

I want you to believe you deserve to be nurtured, because you do.

So here’s to a gentler and kinder new year.

-Dr. Em