The Fellowship

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Although there have been no rings involved with this particular Fellowship, there has been quite a journey.  As many of my patients know, I was away last week to sit an exam in Austin Texas for the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM).  12 months, over 100 hours of course-work, and countless more of flashcards, notes and reading finally culminated in a 5 hour multiple-choice board exam.  


Yesterday, I received the results in the mail and I’m happy to say I can join my colleagues as a qualified “Fellow” of the the board (FABORM).  Among other perks, this title allows me access to ABORMs research catalogues to further my knowledge and boost the benefit to my patients.  I am looking forward to this new learning and applying these skills to help each person who walks into my treatment room.  


And, lastly, at the risk of making an unsolicited surprise Oscar acceptance speech, I want to thank my colleagues and patients for their help and learning that made the journey possible.


For more information on ABORM, visit the website here.