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I came across this video this week of Dr. Mark Hyman discussing how to choose whether to eat Paleo or Vegan, and it was a great reminder to share with everyone how individualized medicine really works.  Have a look and then read on to learn more about how we’re individualizing nutrition for our patients at Acubalance.


With all of the diets available today, the miraculous recovery stories about how each one could change your life, and celebrity followers touting the benefits, what to put in your mouth on a daily basis can seem like an impossible decision.  At Acubalance, we know that what works for one patient will not work for the next, because everyone’s biochemical setup is different.  The way you process carbohydrates could be radically different from how your best friend does.  So maybe a Paleo diet is right for her, but you need some complex carbs and less animal protein to feel your best.  How are you to decide what diet to follow?


It takes a little time and a little testing, but with the new lab tests available at Acubalance we’re able to find out what specific nutrients your body requires more of.  That’s right – we’re testing individual nutrients to discover what you absorb well and have an abundance of, and what your body uses more and requires more of.   Then we are able to alter your diet or supplement regime to supply all of the cells in your body with the nutrition they need.  Talk about an individualized diet!


The micronutrient panel we’re running at Acubalance is one of my favourite functional lab tests.  We get sent a report that shows your functional levels of over fifty different nutrients. Not only can we individualize diet from this, but also we’re able to cut back on the number of supplements a patient is taking.  Not everyone with fatigue, for example, needs more B12.  With the micronutrient test we can tell if it’s B12 or CoQ10 or another nutrient that you’re lacking, and recommend how to increase those levels to get you feeling better faster.


Why should we blindly take supplements, when we now have this new technology available?  I love running this test for patients, because it shows them more about their biochemical makeup, what their body requires, and leads us to a very specific treatment plan.


If you have any questions about the micronutrient test, or any of our other individualized testing at Acubalance, I’d love to speak to you during a complimentary 15 minute consult in person or over the phone.  Call us at 604-678-8600 or email


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Dr. Kali MacIsaac HBSc, ND

Naturopathic Doctor