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I feel the most in balance and at home when I am surrounded by Nature. There is no greater medicine than laying back in the earth with the trees above me, my dog next to me, the ground below me and a stream running beside me. This deep gratitude and connection that I have to Nature inspires my clinical work as a Five Elements Acupuncturist.

Read on to learn more about this branch of Chinese Medicine and to take an interactive quiz to discover your own Element.

Transformative Healing with Five Elements Acupuncture

Classical Five Elements Acupuncture is based on ancient Daoist philosophies that sees all of Nature being comprised of five archetypal elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water). Humans are a part of nature so we are no different and all five of the elements are within us. Each of the Five Elements has correspondences to specific body parts,  and aspects of our emotions/personalities. The manifestation and balance of the Elements is what determines your unique temperament and also your propensity for certain physical imbalances. When there is disease or emotional suffering, there is an imbalance of one or more Elements that needs to be supported.


Balancing Your Elements

My philosophy around health is that symptoms are messages from your body when your body is out of balance. It is speaking in its own language of signs, symptoms, discomfort and pain. My role as your acupuncturist is to help you interpret this language your body speaks in to see what it is trying to tell you.

As a Five Elements Acupuncturist, I identify which Elements are out of balance and work to unravel the root of your problem rather than play whack-a-mole with signs and symptoms. My patients share that when there is a restoration of the normal functioning of the  mental, emotional and physical body, it gives them the sense of feeling integrated. During sessions, an emphasis is placed on identifying what brings you suffering and how you respond to that stress. This is because everyone experiences challenges in a different way and needs to unravel their blockages in their own unique way.

Through our time together, many people start to become self-aware of their own patterns and we build the tools together so that you feel empowered to take healing and loving action in your own life. Five Elements Acupuncture supports you by giving a safe space to heal and transform past wounds and belief systems. Many of my patients leave the clinic saying “I feel like I just got acupuncture and therapy all at the same time.”

Identifying Your Five Elements Personality Type

While we are all a manifestation of all five of the elements, there are usually 1 or 2 predominant elements that stand out. These predominant elements allows us to identify your gifts as well as the particular challenges you experience in life.  When we are able to understand this, it gives us the framework to identify the root of what is making you feel fearful, angry, sad or depressed. Because there is a particular emphasis placed on the emotional landscape of the patient, I find that many of the patients who are drawn to Five Elements Acupuncture suffer from anxiety and depression. However, acute and chronic stress affects our bodies as well. I have found Five Elements acupuncture to be a useful tool for digestive disorders, insomnia and infertility as well.

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