Sunshine and Your Fertility - Both Men and Women

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Another study has shown the benefits of vitamin D and the health of our fertility.  

In male fertility, this study showed a reduction in both sperm motility and sperm count with abdnormal levels of vitamin D. Not only was sperm affected but testicular abnormalities were also identified.

Regarding female fertility, a lack of vitamin D has shown abnormalities in the ovaries and uterus. This study has shown a link between vitamin D and IVF success, PCOS, obesity, and endocrine disturbances.  

Vitamin D is a simple and inexpensie supplement to add to your daily routine. It can be tested for via a blood test to see if your levels are adequate or in need of supplementation. As we are now in full swing of fall and the dark winter around the corner, vitamin D is one of my daily supplements.

Vitamin D Fertility Study