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Your fertility journey has its challenges so when a natural approach that is simple & effective come across my desk I am eager to share it with you. Acubalance has a way to simplify the supplements to be taken to improve male fertility! Not only has it become easier but it's also now more potent! 

Figuring out how many pills to take, what pills to take and remembering to take your supplements is a complaint men often bring up in my clinic. We have tried to simplify the male supplements down to the basics. We aim to find the balance of giving enough to have a strong effect yet not an overwhelming amount. We have begun to use a 1 per day type method. Not 1 pill per day but 1 male supplement pack per day. We now carry a supplement kit that guys can get up in the morning, grab and go. In this kit is everything a guy needs at the optimal dosage to support overall health and boost their fertility. Simple, quick and very effective!

Each daily sachet of pills contains all the clinically relevant vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids that men need. These supplements have been carefully chosen for their ability to improve sperm parameters and increase pregnancy rates. Not only will these kits provide a more intensive and simple supplement protocol it's provided at a better cost. The kit eliminates the need for men purchasing 5-10 individual bottles which would be significantly more expensive.

To learn more about the specifics of this male supplement kit Dr. Lorne Brown recently blogged about it in the "For The Man In Your Life - It Takes Two To Make A Baby". In this blog, he discusses the exact ingredients in this male fertility supplement pack.

Supplements are one area that can offer great benefits for men trying to conceive. Other areas like a man's weight, sleep habits and diet also play a big role. Men who are able to make these types of changes along with Acupuncture or laser treatments often notice improvements quickly. To learn more about our approach to fertility book a 15-minute phone Q&A.


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