Special treat for patients today Two sets of doctor eyes

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Today, October 1st, 2013, I have Dr. Kali MacIsaac joining on my initial consults.  This is a special treat for our patients as they are getting two sets of eyes looking into some of the reasons why they are not conceiving and what action steps can be taken to increase their chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.  Kali moved to Vancouver from Toronto to join Acubalance.  And she comes with lots of diagnostic "toys" to help us dig deeper into why you may be currently subfertile.

I apologize if we run a little late today.  I am sure no one will complain considering they are benefiting from two sets of doctor's eyes


Dr. MacIsaac will be joining me occassionally during the month of October.  She also sees patients at Acubalance and is booking naturopathic vists for November 2013.


Lorne Brown B.Sc., Dr. TCM, CA (CPA), FABORM, CHt
Founder & Clinical Director