See Your 2020 Health Vision - What Does It Mean To You?

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We often wish our friends and family good health over the holidays. Most of my patients are telling me right now that they want to be healthy in the new year, they are going to make better health choices once January comes. This brings up a wonderful question of "What is Health to You?"

In many medical field’s health is the absence of disease. If your blood work comes back within a specific range and other tests are labelled as normal you will be told you are "healthy". Whether you are feeling great or feeling horrible you are still healthy! However, this is not my definition or view of healthy. When I want my friends, family and patients to feel healthy my meaning is much different. My definition of healthy is not just the absence of disease but a feeling of vitality.

Vitality involves physical, mental and emotional aspects of our health. I don't want people to only live without pain and discomfort but to feel energetic, joy and an overall sense of well-being. The people that have the feeling of vitality have learnt what works best for their body and mind, so it continues to care for them at the highest level.

There is a Chinese saying that goes something like this “Before 30 years of age, you cheat disease, but after 30, disease cheats you". When we are young, we are able to bounce back/recover quickly from ailments or injury as if they never occurred. Unfortunately, as we age, we become less resilient and we need to make changes to keep our health and feel at our best.

My plan is to make changes in my life to support my intention of feeling better in all areas of my life. From diet to sleep patterns there are things I can do which I know will make me feel even better than I do now! I am healthy as per my last health check-up. All blood work and testing came back within range, but I know I can feel a greater sense of well-being physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you are healthy but are not satisfied with your level of health. If you are wanting to create an optimal healthy YOU then this is the best time to start. Not because it’s the time for New Year’s resolutions because we all know they don’t always work out. But this is the best time to start because NOW is the time that we have right in front of us and the mindset to do it. The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. If you make 1 change today, tomorrow you can be feeling better, gaining ground in taking control of your own health and what it means to you.

If you know what to do, just start with something simple and work your way up to your bigger goal. If you are unsure of what you need to do, if you are not feeling your best, your tired of feeling tired but not sure where to start, we can help. At Acubalance we have trained Doctors of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturists and Naturopaths that are able to help create a plan tailored to your specific goals and needs to help find your path to your best you. We can offer specific tools and testing to see if there are any underlying causes while also working with you doing bodywork, nutritional healing (both supplemental and dietary) along with a variety of other health modalities.

To create your path to health and attain your health goals, Acubalance can help! Please call to set up a consultation or reserve a time to do a 15-minute phone Q&A. We want this to be a perfect fit for your greatest asset - your health.

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Dr Ryan Funk

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