Reproductive health and racial disparities

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There is no denying it, the medical system has a long history of racism and mistreatment. From the overt, like medical experimentation on slaves in the U.S and indigenous children in Canada, to the more subtle, like lack of representation of a variety of ethnicities when creating and testing the safety of new drugs. While these disparities cannot be dismantled in a week (or apparently hundreds of years), we can and must take action through small steps every day. First, acknowledgment. Second, education. Third, action.

My action for the day is to compile blogs I and others have written, as well as resources on ways to support reproductive health specifically for people of African heritage.

If you have resources you think I should see and include, please feel free to email me at I would love for my resource list to grow along with my ability to better support each individual patient who walks through the door, so please don't be shy!

Black history month blog series:


Period pain (fibroids and more) 



Other resources:

Pregnancy :

Pregnancy hypertension/preeclampsia:

Organizations doing great things for black women's health:  The black women's health imperative 


Education and advocacy: bc community alliance



Reproductive health and racial disparities in Canada