Recurrent Pregnancy Loss - What Men Can Do!

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Recurrent pregnancy loss is a horrible experience for a couple to go through. This is especially true when there is no "reason" as to why it is happening. Women have to go through many tests (i.e: hystersalpinograms [HSG], hysteroscopes, blood tests, biopsy...) but men generally have it easier, only having to give a semen sample and possibly a blood sample. Often, after having gone through all these tests, the couple has been told that all is fine and to keep trying. Commonly, men showing a poor semen analysis are still given a "green light" to keep trying without much concern.  More research is now showing this may not be correct.

Because half the genetic material is given to your child from each partner, if either is not of the best quality, this could end with a miscarriage and possibly recurrent miscarriages. The genetic material is the blue print or instruction manual to what will become your child. If the instruction manual is damaged or missing, some key information this could lead to a miscarriage.  

Research has been showing a trend towards something called "DNA fragmentation" (Damaged Instruction Manual), linking it to recurrent pregnancy loss.  In my experience, DNA fragmentation is rarely, if ever, tested in Canada, even though stronger evidence is being produced. There is evidence showing how recurrent pregnancy loss, poor sperm motility and DNA fragmentation are linked. If there have been any tests showing low motility, there could also be DNA fragmentation. The good news is that there is also evidence showing how we can positively influence this damage and increase your fertility.  

Diet, lifestyle, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs can all positively influence male fertility. Sometimes just making a few small changes (taking a few things out and adding a few in) can be the difference to a healthy pregnancy and healthy child. If you are having difficulties trying to conceive or going through the discomfort of recurrent pregnancy loss, please visit "How to Improve Sperm DNA" for more information to improve your fertility.