Pregnant Naturally After Trying To Conceive For Over A Year. Acupuncture Case Study

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I wanted to share a case study of a patient who had been trying to conceive without success. She was young, healthy and proactive in her own health yet couldn't get pregnant. She was only 30 years old and was extremely frustrated. Lets call this patient Tanya.

Tanya had spent the first few years with her husband preventing a pregnancy and thought it would be easy when they decided to try for a family. Once stopping birth control her cycles were irregular. She didn't know if her cycles would be 30 days or even 60 days. This made knowing when to try to conceive very difficult. She tried to track her cycles but wasn't able to pin point the most optimal times for conception due to the irregularity of her cycles.
It was at this point that Tanya came to Acubalance seeking support for her fertility. We needed to help her in several different ways. Identify her most fertile days to try and conceive as well as regulate her cycles. One of the fastest things we can do to help someone with irregular cycles is to help track her most fertile days. Knowing which days you are likely to conceive is easy for those women who have regular cycles. For those who have irregular cycles like Tanya, it can be a daunting task.  
The second thing we began to work on was to help regulate her cycles. This helps not only pin point a regular fertile window it also helps to balance hormones that are important to fertility.   
She began a regular schedule of Acupuncture, supplements, lifestyle modifications and diet adjustments. She also began seeing the Acubalance Naturopath Dr. Kali MacIsaac. Kali did several different tests with Tanya to better prescribe supplements which support the treatment plan we had started. In Tanyas case her thyroid was outside of optimal ranges. Dr Kali's support honed in on this aspect which is imperative to both fertility and pregnancy health.  
Tanya followed the treatment plan and came for regular acupuncture sessions, her cycles began to change. She noticed multiple different hormonal shifts in the following months. With her last cycle she noticed a variety of strange symptoms when she was expecting her cycle to arrive, but it didn't! A blood test confirmed a healthy pregnancy!   
Tanya is now well out of the first trimester and starting to feel better as the usual discomforts fade away. Her nausea, fatigue and other symptoms are almost gone as she is enjoying the second trimester. Her diligence to sticking to a plan and learning how to track her cycles allowed her to achieve a natural pregnancy. Treatment doesn't need to be complex or mysterious to be effective. This is the case with most of our treatment plans we create for our patients. Simple effective and understandable.  
To learn more about the Acubalance approach to fertility please call to talk with us. 15 minute phone Q&A. or look more at our website for more information on how you can improve your fertile health naturally: Male Fertility -  Laser for Fertility - Endometriosis - PCOS - Age Related Infertility 
Be proactive in your health to improve the chances of concieving naturally or with additional western treatment.  
Best of Health
Dr. Ryan Funk
Doctor of Chinese Medicine