Phase 4 - What You Can Do During the Two Week Wait to Improve Your Fertility

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The luteal phase is also known as your pre-menstrual phase or more commonly the The Two Week Wait! This 4th phase is a long 12-14 days where women who have been trying to conceive often feel every twinge, pang and twang thinking it possibly can be implantation.  
Hormonal shifts in the luteal phase begin with the estrogen levels dropping slightly combined with an aggressive spike of progesterone at the time of ovulation.  As mentioned in phase 3 of ovulation, when the egg is released it leaves behind the Corpus Luteum. The corpus luteum is what releases progesterone and is why the luteal phase is named as it is. The high progesterone levels is what helps to hold the uterine lining in place without shedding.  The corpus luteum only is able to sustain high enough progesterone levels for 12-14 days. Once the levels drop the endometrial lining begins to shed and your period has started. If an embryo was able to implant during this two week wait, the pregnancy hormone released will help hold the lining as your progesterone levels drop. This stops your period from coming.  

Acupuncture and Fertilty

During your luteal phase you can help support the implantation process to impact the chances of conceiving. Studies with Frozen Embryo Transfers (FET) cycles show an improvement in uterine receptivity in women who undergo acupuncture treatments before their transfers. This helped improve implantation rates, pregnancy rates as well as live birth rates. If acupuncture improves these medicated pregnancy rates it can also help you during a natural cycle. 
Acupuncture is great to help during your luteal phase but acupressure also has benefits. Here is a video explaining some acupressure points which support your body during this implantation phase. The benefit of acupressure is that it can be done at home easily.
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